Its Not All Downhill From Here by Terry McMillan

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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Published: March 31, 2020
Ballantine Books
Format: eARC (NetGalley)
Genre: Black American Fiction
Available: BN | Amazon
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I love Terry McMillan. She continues to gives us stories about Black women that are relate-able and so very much needed.

Its Not All Downhill From Here tells the stories of friends who are much older in life. We get their POVs as they go through retired life, death, dealing with not so good and good family, and walks down memory lane. INADHFH lets us know that women of a "certain" age don't have to "sit down". They can still enjoy life as they see fit. I enjoyed it for the most part. BUT, this story reads the same as her previous stories and that's what disappointed me the most about it.

I will continue to read Ms. McMillan because of my love for her and her love of Black women but I'm going to need for Sis to open them windows/blinds and gives us some new characters and....some new stories.

This book is for the die-hard fans, it truly is. If you're new to Ms. McMillan (I'm side-eyeing you), you'll enjoy it as well but I would recommend going back through her catalog and trying some of her older works. But at the end of it all? It's Not All Downhill from Here is a okay Goodread.

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