March General Reading....

Thursday, March 5, 2020

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Hey Babes! Happy Friday. I am hoping your week went well...good and all of that. Let's pick a card for the month, shall we? 


Key Words:
Unbridled Ambition, Win at all Costs, Sneakiness

Victory comes...yes it does and yes it will. CLAIM IT. But at what price? Be careful in AND with your ambitions babes. Don't step on toes. Resentment is a thing and you don't need any further negativity in your life. Yes, achieve all that is MEANT for you, just be cognizant of how your blessings are giving... and taken. It is perfectly okay to bask in your rewards...however, don't be a asshole about it.

As always, apply this card to the areas you feel it needs to be applied.

Deck Used: The Fountain Tarot

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