(Im)Perfectly Happy by Sharina Harris

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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Published: April 28, 2020
Keningston Publishing
Series: NA
Format: eARC (NetGalley)
Genre: Women's Fiction
Available: BN | Amazon
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This will be a 3 ½ star rating for me.

(Im)perfectly Happy tells the story of four college friends who at what would be the prime happy times of their lives realize that they aren’t….

Raina, Kara, Nikki and Sienna all seem to have what “society” says you should have when you’re a woman of a certain age. A man, A career, Kids, A home and financially good…meaning you should be sitting on savings but as we see in real-time, many people (even the ones that say they always did…) don’t have said savings. Anyways, these ladies thought the lives they were living was good and it is but what about that pact they made in college? The one where they said they would keep each other accountable for the dreams and goals they wanted to achieve. And for the most part they have…or did but life interrupts and sometimes you have to walk a different path. Our lady friends realize that maybe taking that left instead the right wasn’t what they  exactly “planned” and they decide to keep each other accountable again but going down the right road is bumpy and unsure.

Let me start off saying that I loved the complexities of the friendship between the women in this story. I enjoyed the fact that the author wrote their relationship as sometimes complicated and even messy. Everything isn’t rainbow and sunshine…. even with your good girlfriends so it was good to see ladies in (Im)Perfectly Happy were the kind of friends that would be good with each other one day and maybe not so much the next. But they were always on their grown woman enough to call each other out on one another’s AND their own bullshit.

Now, the plot or makings of this story was what would be for me is the typical meat and bones of women’s fiction. Four women whom for all intents and purposes should be happy but they for whatever reasons aren’t, realize they aren’t and are then tasked with figuring out how to get to towards their set goals while navigating the obstacles in life the author gives them. What works in (Im)Perfectly Happy is that each character is just that “imperfect”…messy and downright human. For me, all four of these women are women that I knew or know. Shit, if I’m being honest…these four women are me. We sacrifice so much of ourselves for men, for our families, for our friends…for fucking life and we forget about US. We forget about what we want…what makes us happy. We are always settling because society tells us that settling is expected, it is what we are supposed to be happy about. The ladies in this story while battling addiction, cheating men, generational curses, and so so much more while working (healing) through and getting through to achieve the lives they were meant to live.

So I gave ya’ll all that up there and you’re probably wondering (or not) why only 3 ½ stars. Even though there was so much to love about (Im)Perfectly Happy, I do feel that there were some forced conversation, issues that I also feel like folks think Black people want to see talked about in books. And for the most part we do... BUT for me, I want to see the issues done in a more true free flowing way. Not some forced thing that publishers are shoving downwards. 

I’m not going to go all in because I don’t want to take away from the much needed healing this book offers its readers. Sooo, job well done Ms. Sharina Harris. I look forward to reading more of your work.

I say read it and add it to your physical library.  

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