March 2020 Wrap Up

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hey Babes!

March started off pretty good and then just like that: CORONAVIRUS!

Anyways, far as reading?? It was pretty good. Everything else?? It's on hold...even my job, le sigh. But life goes on and so do I. I AM tired of Ms. Corona and I want her ass to go home and sit down somewhere but she told us she gonna be here for a

Youngest kid is home from college and is bored. The oldest works in healthcare so he is out all day. He calls me today and was like I have to get undressed was a day. Ms. Corona is tearing us all tf up.

I'm staying positive for now. I don't know what April is looking like though because folk won't stay tf home or listen to stay at home orders. Most everyone is this Country is hard-head af and need a old fashion ass whipping. I'm over it ya'll...are you?

Anyways, below is how my reading month went:

I got an episode done at the Podcast:

I'm also joining another podcast as a host, be sure the check it out. We will be talking about a bit of everything not just books. Three Black Chicks.

Hopefully, we will come out of this mess soon. So stay safe out there everyone...look out for yourself, your family and your neighbors. And wash your damn hands!

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