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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hey Babes! 

Happy Thursday 😁. How is Shelter in Place going for you? Have you gone stark raving mad yet? Me? Not so much. Today, I'm sharing a look-through of my last tarot deck purchase....The MariGold Tarot.

I've been eyeing this deck for over a year now. I love it mostly because of my morbid obsession with skulls and bones. I truly had to add this deck to my collection.
The definition of the MariGold Tarot read as:
As stated on the back of the box when you receive the deck. It's "rooted in life, death and gold". But when reading through the pamphlet received.  "While much of the artwork is constructed with the Rider-Waite Smith value system in mind, some of the icons used my be new to inidviduals who are not familiar with the Panjabi (and Sikh-Panjabi) culture."

The imagery is imo is fascinating and I'm loving the way that the artist incorporates flowers, skulls and gold. It's really quite beautiful. 

I'm not a huge fan of death. I'm a firm believer in enjoying life while you're here but I'm always amazed at folks who are able to mix life and death together. The balance if done right is always interesting to learn. 

The stock of the cards is good if not a bit thin. But I like that as it makes shuffling the deck much easier. I also love the black edging...

Another thing to note is that, you don't receive the traditional companion book/pamphlet that generally comes with. Instead, you're emailed a downloadable one which I think is pretty cool. But the downside to that is that if you are forgetful (life myself) the download can be seen as a bit of an inconvenience. The creator does have a physical copy available for purchase though. 

All and all, I L.O.V.E this deck and adore the fact that I get to learn more of the different culture that is the root of these cards. I'm such a nerd at times, lols. So I can see myself purchasing a book about Sikh-Panjabi culture. 

Another deck with beautiful art and deep culture meaning, I can see now that The MariGold Tarot is going to become a deck I use.... a lot. If you're so interested, you can purchase the deck directly through its creators website

Until the next post, be safe out there and lata days. 

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