What the Fuck Are Ya'll Doing?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

On the day that another Black man has been murdered by police and the day before, a Black man was damn near murdered because a white woman decided to weaponize her “fear” and “tears” because he asked her to obey a park law. I mean thank gawd (not really), she nearly choked her dog out because other than that, it would have been just another day in America of Black people and people of color being harassed for….breathing.

And then to top it off, there was another “diverse” book released. The State of Us, its a political YA book…you can just smell the bullshit in that title smh. A young white man and a young Mexican-American man fall in love while their parents run for President. Queue more bullshit. My gawd today, you mean to tell me that in this political atmosphere, this divisive ass Country we live in right now...that books like this are continuing to be published and more than likely, it will be critically acclaimed. How many cool point cookies do ya’ll want? Huh? This author, this fucking publisher really had the nerve to have a Mexican American queer young man fall in love with a White boy. A white boy with a republican mother…a mother who more than likely wouldn’t give a shit about Mexican children in cages at the US border. But hey she a woman so she oppressed too…fuck that and ya’ll. They really published this book while we have a President sitting in the White House that has passed some of the most aggressive anti-immigration laws. But ya’ll have this young man falling in love while his browness is pretty much a writing prompt for white folx to feel better about themselves. O’ fucking vey!

I am tired as I’m sure a majority of BIPOC are. Please for the love that is all good, stop writing ya’ll “diverse” books. We don’t want them but we also know that ya’ll aren’t writing those books for us, right? WE know ya’ll are pushing those bad ass books for those good white people. Those who get up every day and don’t have to worry about if they will survive the day for just breathing. This is why I refuse to read these type of books because a majority of the time, they feature BIPOC who are stripped of their humanity, they are pretty much just there to make their white counterpart look good. See how good this white person is? Not all white peopling the story up...ugh, its annoying af. When this whole call for “diversity” in books was put out, it was meant for readers to see more BIPOC authors write AND have their books published. But what ya’ll do? Give us books where BIPOC and their cultures are used and abused for best seller lists. I'm sick of ya'll and I'm sick of your badly written books. 

And being that this book isn't for "US", what's going to happen with it? Well, the same that  has happened with the others like it. A firestorm will start. There will be rightfully so, critical reviews and talk of it. Unfortunately, this book will have its supporters. There are some who will come along and say, I don't understand why people are upset. All will go quiet and another book of this ilk will be published eventually....a repeated trash cycle.

People need to do and BE better but almost everyday proves some of ya'll don't want to be that. Ya'll still ya'll want your "good white folx" cookies. And honestly, I hope ya'll start to choke on them. Sorry not sorry.

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Journal With Me #7 | New Page Entries

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hey Babes! 

I have another Journal With Me. I created two new pages, yay to me on some productivty! lols. 

Okay, that's it for me. Until the next post, lata days!

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#BooktubeBeforeandAfter Tag and Three Black Girls Podcast

Monday, May 18, 2020

Hey Babes! Happy Monday 😃

One of the BookTubers/YouTubers (KaytheReader) I follow created a tag and I decided to join in!

Also, Three Black Girls podcast went live today with another episode. Take some time out your day and listen. Hey and give us a follow on Spotify

Have a beautiful day and until the next post...lata days 💜

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April 2020 Wrap Up

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hey Babes!

So yeah...this is a couple days late, lols. But I don't feel too bad about because I've been seeing folks doing wrap-ups for January....Like huh? Anyhoo's April was a good month even in the age of the rona. So let's get this thing started.

Below are all the books I read in April:

All my reviews, you can catch via here at the blog or...goodreads.

I also got a couple of episodes of the Podcast and was able to get out.
Just Talking #1
Just Talking #2
*And remember, I'm a host on the Three Black Girls podcast as well.

And...and a couple of YouTube videos:
Love Unsolicited by Alexandra Warren
Girl Gone Viral by Alisha Rai

I even gave ya'll a Tarot deck look-through.
Welp, that was it for April. Good month for getting some things done. Until the next one, lata days 💜.

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Journal With Me #6 | Entries and a new Journal

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hey Babes! I hope you are well and staying safe in the time of "The Rona". Me? I'm still at home trying to stay busy doing some things and on others days... not much of nothing. I've been attempting to keep up with my Journaling, have failed miserably but I'm getting back on track. It is hard to stay focused when so much crazy is going on outside in the World but I try to block out the noise and get back in touch with my "zen". So in today's post, I'm just showing off two new entries (no writing) and I also bought another journal....don't ask me why? lols.

So from my current journal, I created two new pages and used them already. The lady with the thought bubble, I just wrote a standard entry and the one with the jars on the bottom, I pulled a tarot card for the week (Seven of Pentacles). Then I wrote down things I should focus on this week and told myself to take a mental break and focus on self care. 

I think doing pre-entries with my stickers is a better...for me. I could just get to writing when I open my journal....

And then I bought a new Journal... ah the pitfalls of going shopping with family members, lols. My sister was looking for a new journal and I was like "oh, let me get one too..." smh.

It couldn't be helped honestly, I mean look at it...it's too cute. My budget is screaming at me....
Well, I saved a bit as I found this cute sticker sheet at the Dollar General.

Sometimes, I find the most unexpected things in the DG store near me.

Anyhoo's that's it for today. I hope your week is full of light and peace. Until the next post....lata days!

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Meet Cute Club (Sweet Rose #1) by Jack Harbon

Thursday, May 7, 2020

51054227. sy475

Published: May 5, 2020
Self Published
Series: Sweet Rose (#1)
Format: eBook
Genre: Contemporary Romance (LGBTQ)
Available: Amazon
*Kindle Unlimited
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Meet Cute Club was an absolutely adorably cute ass read! And Jordan and Rex? Swoon bitch swoon!

Jordan Collins loves his romance books but cannot stand to be judged for what he reads so when the new employee at his favorite bookstore trolls him about his latest purchases….Jordan is annoyed and it doesn’t help that Rex is cute af. Rex Bailey doesn’t get romance books, doesn’t get why people invest their time. And did he call them “old lady books”? Chile…. But when Jordan comes into the bookstore, Rex not only decides to tease him but he also decides to join Jordan’s book club to maybe give a romance read a try and maybe Jordan too….

Meet Cute Club is another low angst romance that truly had me smiling throughout the read. Jordan and Rex had such great chemistry together. The way they teased one another was delectable.  I also love the fact that the author didn’t make the story so much about their sexuality as far as them being Queer men. Yes, there are mentions of it but Jack Harbon didn’t give us two men suffering because of who they choose to sleep with. He just gave us this sometimes corny ass romance and I love that. Now, MCC is not without its drama. Rex has his issues and so do Jordan and with them living in a small Oklahoma town…. But again this author builds those issues around the romance while not forgetting it.

I rated this four stars because mainly, the pacing of the story lagged a bit for me. But if you love low-angst swoon worthy super cute romances with two gorgeous ass men finding love while in a book club? Meet Cute Club is your book. I highly recommend adding it to your TBR list. 

Things that stood out for me in Meet Cute Club:
Grandparent familial bonds. Love that both Jordan and Rex had wonderful loving relationships with their Grandmothers. It’s rare to see in stories and I love to see it…..more. Especially men and their grandmothers...ugh! right in the damn heart. 

Discussion around book genre judgment. I loved that Jordan was an unapologetic romance book nerd. Romance gets treated like the red headed stepchild in genre reads and that…this is just sad. Romance books covers so many different real life issues. People finding love in the middle of whatever chaos is going on? Man listen….ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll missing. Also, there is nothing wrong with believing in what you read in a romance novel can’t be true in the real world. 

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Guest Blogger | Shade N Pages Reviews Best You Ever Had by Monica Walters

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hey Babes!

Please welcome Taima, she is a wonderful blogger who reviews on Instagram (Bookstagram) and she agreed to do a guest review here at BBr. Taima matches the covers of the books she reviews with lipsstick shades. You should definitely follow her on the Gram....you won't be disappointed. Lets get to her review.

Published: March 19, 2020
B. Love Publications
Series: NA
Format: eBook
Genre: Romance
Available: Amazon
*Kindle Unlimited
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Colsen re-invented himself after three years of incarceration. While on a business trip in Galveston, he meets and is instantly blown away by High School Math teacher Skye.

I honestly didn’t like Colsen when I first started this book. His thought process (outside of business) was immature. He appeared to be superficial, judgmental and exhibited contradictory behavior.  However, I applauded him for rebuilding himself. Plus, his caring and protective nature definitely won me over. The love and care he exhibited for the women in his life was evident in this book. His methods were somewhat unorthodox, but they worked. Skye is a plus size beauty who shows up for everyone else but herself. Meeting Colson challenged her to make decisions to place herself first. They had an instant connection with steamy sex scenes that burned up the pages. Colsen knew what he wanted, went after it and tolerated no games. I really liked these two together. They complimented and supported one another. The relationship developed quickly but I could tell what they felt for each other was genuinely real.

This story had an interesting storyline, interesting supporting characters but my struggle came with one of the themes addressed. Sky’s friend Nikki was assaulted. Even though the assault was horrific, I felt let down because the author neglected to explore the layers of Skye and Nikki’s friendship. Nikki was a toxic friend and she was never held accountable for her actions.  Telling Skye she didn’t mention the rape because she was too busy with Colsen was manipulative. These two topics should have been addressed separately and Skye shouldn’t be manipulated for finding happiness. I also felt the story arc of Vals drug addiction was well written. We were able to see a real-life view of the mental and emotional turmoil endured by families as they struggle to encourage their love one to seek help. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Colsen and Sky’s story. The fact that it’s an age-gap romance helped too. This story captivated me and I didn’t want to put the book down. I love how Monica writes flawed characters and then allows them to redeem themselves. Both characters deserved a second chance to grow and thrive. In the end love won.

This cover was paired with Sephora Lip-stain in Coral Sunset.

Your Reviewer:

Hi I'm Taima. I'ma rookie book reviewer who is obsessed with lipstick, collecting towels and all things Fenty. You can find me playing music in my stories and pairing lipstick shades with book covers over at ShadesNPages on Instagram

*Shout out to Taima for stopping by and sharing a review with us. Be sure to follow her on Instagram. 

I'm looking to do more guest posts/reviews in the present...and future. So if you are so interested, hit me up at brazenbabereviews@gmail.com.

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Office Hours by Katrina Jackson

Friday, May 1, 2020


Available: BN | Amazon
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