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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Please welcome Taima, she is a wonderful blogger who reviews on Instagram (Bookstagram) and she agreed to do a guest review here at BBr. Taima matches the covers of the books she reviews with lipsstick shades. You should definitely follow her on the won't be disappointed. Lets get to her review.

Published: March 19, 2020
B. Love Publications
Series: NA
Format: eBook
Genre: Romance
Available: Amazon
*Kindle Unlimited
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Colsen re-invented himself after three years of incarceration. While on a business trip in Galveston, he meets and is instantly blown away by High School Math teacher Skye.

I honestly didn’t like Colsen when I first started this book. His thought process (outside of business) was immature. He appeared to be superficial, judgmental and exhibited contradictory behavior.  However, I applauded him for rebuilding himself. Plus, his caring and protective nature definitely won me over. The love and care he exhibited for the women in his life was evident in this book. His methods were somewhat unorthodox, but they worked. Skye is a plus size beauty who shows up for everyone else but herself. Meeting Colson challenged her to make decisions to place herself first. They had an instant connection with steamy sex scenes that burned up the pages. Colsen knew what he wanted, went after it and tolerated no games. I really liked these two together. They complimented and supported one another. The relationship developed quickly but I could tell what they felt for each other was genuinely real.

This story had an interesting storyline, interesting supporting characters but my struggle came with one of the themes addressed. Sky’s friend Nikki was assaulted. Even though the assault was horrific, I felt let down because the author neglected to explore the layers of Skye and Nikki’s friendship. Nikki was a toxic friend and she was never held accountable for her actions.  Telling Skye she didn’t mention the rape because she was too busy with Colsen was manipulative. These two topics should have been addressed separately and Skye shouldn’t be manipulated for finding happiness. I also felt the story arc of Vals drug addiction was well written. We were able to see a real-life view of the mental and emotional turmoil endured by families as they struggle to encourage their love one to seek help. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Colsen and Sky’s story. The fact that it’s an age-gap romance helped too. This story captivated me and I didn’t want to put the book down. I love how Monica writes flawed characters and then allows them to redeem themselves. Both characters deserved a second chance to grow and thrive. In the end love won.

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