Journal With Me #6 | Entries and a new Journal

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hey Babes! I hope you are well and staying safe in the time of "The Rona". Me? I'm still at home trying to stay busy doing some things and on others days... not much of nothing. I've been attempting to keep up with my Journaling, have failed miserably but I'm getting back on track. It is hard to stay focused when so much crazy is going on outside in the World but I try to block out the noise and get back in touch with my "zen". So in today's post, I'm just showing off two new entries (no writing) and I also bought another journal....don't ask me why? lols.

So from my current journal, I created two new pages and used them already. The lady with the thought bubble, I just wrote a standard entry and the one with the jars on the bottom, I pulled a tarot card for the week (Seven of Pentacles). Then I wrote down things I should focus on this week and told myself to take a mental break and focus on self care. 

I think doing pre-entries with my stickers is a better...for me. I could just get to writing when I open my journal....

And then I bought a new Journal... ah the pitfalls of going shopping with family members, lols. My sister was looking for a new journal and I was like "oh, let me get one too..." smh.

It couldn't be helped honestly, I mean look at's too cute. My budget is screaming at me....
Well, I saved a bit as I found this cute sticker sheet at the Dollar General.

Sometimes, I find the most unexpected things in the DG store near me.

Anyhoo's that's it for today. I hope your week is full of light and peace. Until the next post....lata days!

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