Meet Cute Club (Sweet Rose #1) by Jack Harbon

Thursday, May 7, 2020

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Published: May 5, 2020
Self Published
Series: Sweet Rose (#1)
Format: eBook
Genre: Contemporary Romance (LGBTQ)
Available: Amazon
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Meet Cute Club was an absolutely adorably cute ass read! And Jordan and Rex? Swoon bitch swoon!

Jordan Collins loves his romance books but cannot stand to be judged for what he reads so when the new employee at his favorite bookstore trolls him about his latest purchases….Jordan is annoyed and it doesn’t help that Rex is cute af. Rex Bailey doesn’t get romance books, doesn’t get why people invest their time. And did he call them “old lady books”? Chile…. But when Jordan comes into the bookstore, Rex not only decides to tease him but he also decides to join Jordan’s book club to maybe give a romance read a try and maybe Jordan too….

Meet Cute Club is another low angst romance that truly had me smiling throughout the read. Jordan and Rex had such great chemistry together. The way they teased one another was delectable.  I also love the fact that the author didn’t make the story so much about their sexuality as far as them being Queer men. Yes, there are mentions of it but Jack Harbon didn’t give us two men suffering because of who they choose to sleep with. He just gave us this sometimes corny ass romance and I love that. Now, MCC is not without its drama. Rex has his issues and so do Jordan and with them living in a small Oklahoma town…. But again this author builds those issues around the romance while not forgetting it.

I rated this four stars because mainly, the pacing of the story lagged a bit for me. But if you love low-angst swoon worthy super cute romances with two gorgeous ass men finding love while in a book club? Meet Cute Club is your book. I highly recommend adding it to your TBR list. 

Things that stood out for me in Meet Cute Club:
Grandparent familial bonds. Love that both Jordan and Rex had wonderful loving relationships with their Grandmothers. It’s rare to see in stories and I love to see it…..more. Especially men and their grandmothers...ugh! right in the damn heart. 

Discussion around book genre judgment. I loved that Jordan was an unapologetic romance book nerd. Romance gets treated like the red headed stepchild in genre reads and that…this is just sad. Romance books covers so many different real life issues. People finding love in the middle of whatever chaos is going on? Man listen….ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll missing. Also, there is nothing wrong with believing in what you read in a romance novel can’t be true in the real world. 

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