What the Fuck Are Ya'll Doing?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

On the day that another Black man has been murdered by police and the day before, a Black man was damn near murdered because a white woman decided to weaponize her “fear” and “tears” because he asked her to obey a park law. I mean thank gawd (not really), she nearly choked her dog out because other than that, it would have been just another day in America of Black people and people of color being harassed for….breathing.

And then to top it off, there was another “diverse” book released. The State of Us, its a political YA book…you can just smell the bullshit in that title smh. A young white man and a young Mexican-American man fall in love while their parents run for President. Queue more bullshit. My gawd today, you mean to tell me that in this political atmosphere, this divisive ass Country we live in right now...that books like this are continuing to be published and more than likely, it will be critically acclaimed. How many cool point cookies do ya’ll want? Huh? This author, this fucking publisher really had the nerve to have a Mexican American queer young man fall in love with a White boy. A white boy with a republican mother…a mother who more than likely wouldn’t give a shit about Mexican children in cages at the US border. But hey she a woman so she oppressed too…fuck that and ya’ll. They really published this book while we have a President sitting in the White House that has passed some of the most aggressive anti-immigration laws. But ya’ll have this young man falling in love while his browness is pretty much a writing prompt for white folx to feel better about themselves. O’ fucking vey!

I am tired as I’m sure a majority of BIPOC are. Please for the love that is all good, stop writing ya’ll “diverse” books. We don’t want them but we also know that ya’ll aren’t writing those books for us, right? WE know ya’ll are pushing those bad ass books for those good white people. Those who get up every day and don’t have to worry about if they will survive the day for just breathing. This is why I refuse to read these type of books because a majority of the time, they feature BIPOC who are stripped of their humanity, they are pretty much just there to make their white counterpart look good. See how good this white person is? Not all white peopling the story up...ugh, its annoying af. When this whole call for “diversity” in books was put out, it was meant for readers to see more BIPOC authors write AND have their books published. But what ya’ll do? Give us books where BIPOC and their cultures are used and abused for best seller lists. I'm sick of ya'll and I'm sick of your badly written books. 

And being that this book isn't for "US", what's going to happen with it? Well, the same that  has happened with the others like it. A firestorm will start. There will be rightfully so, critical reviews and talk of it. Unfortunately, this book will have its supporters. There are some who will come along and say, I don't understand why people are upset. All will go quiet and another book of this ilk will be published eventually....a repeated trash cycle.

People need to do and BE better but almost everyday proves some of ya'll don't want to be that. Ya'll still ya'll want your "good white folx" cookies. And honestly, I hope ya'll start to choke on them. Sorry not sorry.

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