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Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Published: June 9, 2020
Forever Publishing
Series: TBP #1
Format: eBook (ARC)
Genre: Romance (Multicultural)
Available: BN | Amazon
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Oh how I wanted to really love The Boyfriend Project but somewhere along reading, this story lost mainly…. its romance. I’ll start by telling you what I enjoyed about this story and then we will dip on into what didn’t work for me. So, let’s get into this.

Let us start with what this story is about (because ya’ll know I never give ya’ll the blurb…lols). Three women form an unlikely friendship after a man whom they all thought was their “boyfriend” tried to play them. After becoming close, these women decide to keep each other accountable in achieving their planned goals. We start off with Samiah Brooks. Samiah works in the tech field and is damn good at what she does, her goal? To develop her own app. While at work, she meets new employee Daniel Collins. Samiah likes what she sees but can’t get distracted… or will she?

Okay, what I liked:

I enjoyed the unexpected friendship of Samiah and the other ladies formed. Especially given the fact that a dude tried to play them all. I loved the fact that this author didn’t go the route of cattiness and women fighting. I loved the fact that she gave us three mature women who knew their worth and knew they were being played by an ol selfish muthatrucka. Three women singing Beyonce’ “Middle finger up, throw them hands high! Put em in his face, tell him “Boy bye!” got me right in the feels. Women need friendships and not to dismiss any other ethnicity of women but Black women NEED their sisters so I was especially happy that Ms. Rochon took care in how it was important for Samiah and the other ladies to cultivate a relationship….even though they just met. I love seeing books where care is taken with Black women and their friends.

I also enjoyed the mention of women in tech that is covered in The Boyfriend Project, mainly the conversation around Black women in the field. Samiah was smart…she was good at her job but she still encountered micro-aggression. 

Now, what I didn’t like:

Even with all that good mentioned up above, this is a romance…correct? Well, ya’ll the romance in The Boyfriend Project didn’t not move me, it wasn’t interesting…at all. What started off as cute little meet ups for coffee between Samiah and Daniel soon grew cold, imo. If I’m being honest, I feel like there was no chemistry between them. The development of their relationship fell so flat, they would have been better off as friends. Unfortunately, they just did not work together. I liked them well enough separately, but together? Not so much.

Also, Daniel is biracial (Black/Korean). Him being biracial is severely lacking in the book as this man barely knew anything about Black people and him remembering his Korean grandmother's cooking. I just….didn’t understand that.  And I say this because the author does some focus on racial themes here so why Daniel's ethnicity isn't fully explored will probably leave some readers a bit bereft. I feel like this author didn’t or couldn’t “go in” like she could have. 

There were no mentions of Daniel being biracial in the TBFP before or during the conversations around the book. And if I'm being honest, it feels a bit disingenuous. 

All and All:

The Boyfriend Project didn’t fill my romantic sweet spot. I thinks it is an alright read...more on the level of “little yang yang yang to read around the house”. This would have imo worked better under women’s fiction. Hopefully this series will get better as the it moves further along with the other ladies stories.

Rated three stars on Goodreads

*Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity read/review.

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