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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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Published: June 30, 2020
Del-Ray/Penguin Random House
Series: NA
Genre: Horror, Gothic
Available: BN | Amazon
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Mexican Gothic was a creepy times, a long creepy ride but still….

Let us get into this review. 

Noemi is living her life in 1950s Mexico City. She’s eating good, her family is eating good...she is living the life and she’s also bringing the boys to her yard. Her parents are side-eyeing her about the boys but Noemi is going to do what she wants. Besides, she not tryna to marry these hoes.

So when her father calls her into his office and asks her to go check on her now married cousin...she looking at her dad like “why I gotta go?”.  In a nutshell, the man doesn't want any scandal because her cousin is talking kinda crazy in a letter she sent back home. Her dad eventually convinces Noemi to go by telling her “look if you go, I’ll let you go to that school that you’ve been wanting to go to”. And Noemi like “for reals? Okay, I’ll go but don’t try to worm your way out of this old man”. LOLs, I liked Noemi. 

So off she goes to visit her cousin Catalina who had married some English man ain’t nobody in Mexico know about. And then the weird things start happening. Dreams, bland unseasoned food and a house that everyone has to stay quiet in. Noemi isn’t for any of it but she has to help her cousin and Francis, one of her cousin-in-law relatives isn’t bad to look at either. 

I liked Mexican Gothic for the most part. I do feel like there were some slow prolonged parts in the story because the real action didn’t truly start until like after 60% of the book. But I got what this author was doing. She was building up the creepiness that is Mexican Gothic...the horror. Still I wanted the story to move along a bit faster. What works for this story is the house itself here. The slow terror that almost swallows Noemi and her cousin but they fight literally to a horrifying ending that I’m still trying to process. I don't think I'm going to look at a mushroom normally again....

Still Mexican Gothic is a fantastic edition to the world of Gothic horror. Old creepy houses, people in period clothing and a story-line that is as old as time itself….who belongs in this world and who doesn’t. And what some people will do to keep what they deem superior bloodlines pure...even at the expense of one's own family. 

Side Note: Francis was okay and all but he would have been left behind with his family...ijs.

I'm a huge fan of Silvia Moreno-Garcia and this book right here solidifies my fandom. Add to your TBR quickly. 

Four star rating on Goodreads.

*Thank you to the publisher/author for the opportunity to read/review.

**Update: Here are a couple of links provided by the publisher for your reading pleasure...and listening.
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