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Monday, June 29, 2020


Published: June 22, 2020
Self Published
Warm Hues Creative
Series: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: BN | Amazon
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I loved the f.u.c.k out of this story.

Tempest Lane and Tristan Grimes are NOW in my top five couples. I loved the banter between them. It was low angst and rude af (but in a good funny way). They played so well off of each other, this truly was a reinvention story for both them...not just Tempest. 

Tempest, a former assassin is attempting to reinvent herself. She now owns a candle shop and should be working on that but she is people watching. After a night where she was about to whoop some mans dumb ass, Tristan steps in with an assist. She is interested in the “neighborhood hottie” and he is interested in her…. Now starts our reinvention….

As I said above it wasn’t just Tempest who wanted a new outlook on life, for me it was Tristan too. Both are transplants to the town of Mahogany Heights. Tempest trying to build a life after her time in The Garden and Tristan doing the same after coming home from the military. It’s not easy but they try and it works….notwithstanding a few interruptions, they get to a space that fits them. 

Listen, what a ride this story was. Reading as Tempest was just trying to live normal but still had a bit of that killer instinct was refreshing. CCJones didn’t make her too robotic, Tempest knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t taking any shit because let me tell you Tristan’s ass tried it and as she was cussing his ass out, I was too. Like I would have been that friend in the back like “that’s right girl...cuss his ass out!” lmao. I’m not a violent girl, but I was happy CCJones let Tempest kick ass a little. I mean we cannot let all that training go to waste…

And Tristan, even though I side-eyed him on more than one occasion...he was a good dude. He didn’t know what to do with Tempest...ol boy was confused as fuck and I found that endearing because he really did want to try with her. His own reinvention after coming home from the military was still a work in progress. 

And this is what I loved so much about The Reinvention of the Rose. Yes, we get a HEA but it’s still a relationship that is being worked on because both Tempest and Tristan still needed to work on some things and this is what made this book so different from all the other CCJones books I’ve read thus far. But, its a wonderful difference and I would like to see more of it. Just two folk still trying to figure their shit out...I’m not mad about it at all. 

With drop-ins from a couple of old favorites and hilarious and heated moments, you need to add this to your reading list with a quickness. And...yes, I’m looking at your real funny if you haven’t read Christina C. Jones yet because I know I done told ya’ll she is the….I know I did.

Also, although this can be read as a stand-alone...I highly suggest reading CCJones High Stakes series.

*Five star rating on Goodreads

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