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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Published: June 23, 2020
Series: The Brown Sisters #2
Format: eARC (NetGalley)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
            Interracial Romance
Available: BN | Amazon
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I love a good fake dating romance trope but Take A Hint Dani Brown just didn’t do what this trope usually does for me….let’s get into this review shall we?

So this is second book in Talia Hibbert’s The Brown Sisters series. Dani Brown is a witchy, nerdy college professor working on her tenure….we don’t get much detail of her life on campus outside of occasional lunches with her friend Sorcha and then eventually Zafir Ansari whom is a retired rugby player now security guard who becomes her “fake” boyfriend. Dani and Zafir decide to become a “couple” when they’re captured in a viral video of him “rescuing” her from their work building. Zafir who has a HUGE crush on Dani decides to ask her to fake being his girlfriend to get his struggling non-profit off the ground. What starts off as them having fake dates in order to make their relationship look as real as possible soon turn into more…. BUT Dani being the commitment-phobic woman that she is only wants one thing from Zafir and it isn’t a relationship.

Okay, what was a big turn off in the story for me was Dani herself. Bad enough we had to get through near 80% of the book for these two to even hook up which really isn’t a big deal because the cute funny banter between them eased some of that annoyance. BUT we read through a majority of this book with Dani literally being THAT deer caught in bright headlights.

Me while reading:
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Somebody needed to fix Dani's life...

I mean Zafir’s feelings for her were bleeding off these pages but she was running around like “oh I just don’t do relationships", "I’m not good at them” and I was annoyed. And the other thing that rubbed me wrong was that ridiculous break-up towards the end because this man has severe anxiety and for her to just do what she did could have left him in a bad space but the author didn’t go that route so I guess….

Anyolwho’s, the book does has some good things within it. Zafir's work with young boys on their feelings, his relationship with the women in his family. Shit, he was just a good guy. Love the fact that the IR relationship here doesn’t center whiteness. More stories between Black and Brown people please.

I do feel like the story was unnecessarily stretched. I mean continuing to read Dani flail around this book was a struggle and her lusting after Zafir didn’t…couldn’t save her, at least for me. By the middle of the book, even that got a bit too much.

But I don’t begrudge the story. I think it had a good start and the humor here and there helps but somewhere in the middle…ending, I at least lost interest. Honestly, Zafir deserved better. I mean the man reads romance books...I wanted better for him.

TW: Anxiety, Panic Attack, Lost of family members.

*Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity to read/review. 

Three star rating on Goodreads.

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