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Thursday, June 11, 2020

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(Re)Published: May 2020
Self Published
Series: Falling Like A Johnson #2
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon
*Kindle Unlimited
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This was a fantastic read but Hallie worked my ever loving nerves. I can't believe I said "Girl." annoyingly  so much during a read.

So check it, JT and Hallie are best friends but JT is in love with Hallie okay? like in love in love and she walking around like "oh I love him like a brother". Girl. You ever want to fight a character? Yeah, Hallie was that character to for me. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like the lady for most of book (even though I was pining for JT and his fine self...). Any ol who's, I grew a soft spot in my heart for her once I found out "the tea". Ya'll! let me tell you me and my good girlfriend would have been fighting in Antigua, lols but she still managed to make me see red...again because damn, if this lady didn't have blinders on...she really couldn't see! But I understood her fear. It's something to feel when you think you are truly going to loose literally the love of your life.

Listen, if you are THAT reader that loves you a cinnamon roll hero (ask me why I had to google that?...), then JT is that dude. Also, if you love a good friends to lovers reading, Will You Be Mine? is your story.

Rilzy Adams wrote tf out of this story. Her writing is straight to the point and the events goings on in this book had me stressed, happy, sad....back to happy. Also, I realized that this is the second book in the series so I'm just going to go back and read book one. I say she did what she had to do. Highly recommend adding it to your TBR.

*cw: teenage pregnancy

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