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Monday, July 27, 2020

Her Essential Love
Published: January 14, 2020
Rose Gold Press, LLC.
Series: Woman of Park Manor
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: BN | Amazon
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Letting go is simple, right? Wrong! Especially for earthy shop owner, Teegan Royal. Her Santa Monica neighborhood is not what it used to be. Her dwelling isn't either. The sprawling complex, Park Manor, ushered in unwelcome change for her and introduced her to Kevin Chambers, a fine but progressive-minded know it all she’d much rather not encounter.

Litigation lawyer, Kevin Chambers, can get corporations and people to settle all of the time, but his persuasive tactics haven’t been working on a bohemian styled, but sexy Teegan when it comes to helping her embrace change.

Teegan needs Kevin to see beyond the bottom line, and Kevin wants Teegan to go with the flow, but in the mix of things, will they find out just how essential they are to each other?


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