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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Publishing Date: July 21, 2020
Tor Books
Series: NA
Genre: Historical Fiction (Speculative)
Available: BN | Amazon
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In Trouble the Saints, the same story is being told BUT from three different POVs. Phyllis (Pea), Dev and Tamara. All have “the hands” in some form or fashion. 

This story is set in New York after WW2 with the backdrop of Harlem, gangsters, crooked cops and magic...hoodoo, voodoo depending on who’s naming it. Even though the story is broken up into its separate three parts, all three of our protagonists are involved with one another in some way. We read the struggles of our protagonists as they try to make their lives as livable as possible in a America that will always see them as other. But then when you add their gifts into the fray…

Trouble the Saints is a interestingly woven story. The world building was at times a bit convoluted especially Phyllis’s part BUT I truly did enjoy the way this author set it up. What really does this story justice is the unique combination of genres our author takes. We aren’t just dealing with fantasy and historical fiction...Alaya Dawn Johnson is generous with horror and macabre here as well. With magic as the backdrop and History at its doorstep, Trouble the Saints is wonderfully enriching and I believe any lover of historical fiction with a little extra on the side will love it for what it is. 

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