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Friday, July 3, 2020

Hey Babes! its another Tarot post. How ya'll doing? Any ol ways, this deck...Ethereal Visions I purchased through Amazon. The deck creator Matt Hughes also sells it through his site (more expensive). This is the first edition so I'm guessing a second edition will be available soon. He is also creating a oracle deck...it looks good too. 

I don't know where I saw this deck initially, but I remember the images and book-marked it so that I can go back and get it when I could. This is probably one of the whitest decks I have as far as images go, lols. But the images themselves is what called me and then the gold foiling he has through-out it is just outstanding, so I got it. 

The inspiration of the characters of the decks is from the art nouveau movement? I know nothing about that but I found more on the Britannica website. They are just so earthly...

The card stock is pretty good and thin enough where I can shuffle the deck without issue. I do kind of wish it was edged in gold, that would have been the perfect finish for the deck. I might come back later and edge them myself....yeah, I probably will.

Even though the art of the deck is different, the meaning of the cards is still based off of the original Rider-Waite-Smith deck of tarot. It also comes with its own little booklet though.

I've used the deck already and love the images through-out it. The cards tell a good story. Its another deck that I think is a nice add to my collection. 

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