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Thursday, August 20, 2020

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To Be Published: September 1, 2020
Series: Wickham Falls #10
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance
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A Winning Season is a nice small town romance. Loved the idea of two neighbors meeting and sparking a bit of love. Loved the story-line of Sutton mentoring Zoey’s younger brother Harper.

Now, this romance. Although, Sutton and Zoey have chemistry on page...I do think the pacing of the relationship between them was a bit lackluster. It was real quick. And I got what the author was doing. She gives readers a lot of story behind both of our main protagonists lives...why they are both in the current situations that they're in. But I do feel like it took away from the building of the romance in general and there were just too many plot holes in the story to make most of it believable. There was a lot of repetitiveness on page as well. Among other things, both Zoey and Sutton had a parent who wasn’t in their lives when they were growing up, it was mentioned so much. I was like “okay, we get it”. 

At the end of it all, I liked A Winning Season for what it was. A romance set in a small town between two people attempting to get their footing right in the world again and love comes along for the ride. I’ll definitely pick up another Rochelle Alers book again but this one was just an okay read.  

3 1/2 💜's

*Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity to read/review


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Published: June 26, 2020
Self Published
Unexpected Lovers #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available: Amazon
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Ah man, what a story! What happens when two friends...the best of friends decide to become intimate? Listen. Navaya and Xander can be a lesson...
How that lesson goes depends on you dear reader. 

Navaya is a romance writer, a erotic romance writer and she is having some writers pains. The reviews on her last book are trash and she needs some inspiration. Who better to help than her friend Xander? But this kind of help is different. 

I was invested in this story okay? I loved the friendship that Xander and Navaya have...I loved it even better when they started  f**king lmao. That shit was hot! I also loved the friendships that  they had with their friends. I love when authors incorporate     authentic relationships that Black folk have on page...even the non-sexual ones. But back to this story. It's all good at first but both Xander and Navaya start to fall for one another and the thought of a romantic relationship between them failing and them loosing their lifelong friendship scares them both. Will their relationship survive after the "mentordick" phase is over? Will Xander be okay with his "dick" changing a lifelong relationship? Will Navaya kick other women asses when she thinks Xander's bomb ass dick will no longer be hers? 

Well you'll just have to read Go Deep! to find out, lols. This was a fun read, sexy and it does has it serious moments as well. But mostly, this shit is fun. Add it to you library now! Especially if you are a fan of friends to lovers type romances. 

5 💜's.

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"Will you be my mentordick?" 

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