The Pleasure Principal by Nicole Falls

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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Published: August 18, 2020
Self Published
Series: No
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Available: Amazon
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The author tells her readers before they start this book "is not a typical romance novel. It's a journey of a woman's sexual evolution". And she would be right...I mean she is the author lols. 

But The Pleasure Principle was more than that for this reader. Damita Jo Jackson (named after her Mothers fav and everyone else's 😛) starts the discovery of herself once she hits college grounds, this includes her sexual self. We follow our favs namesake when she meets her first love all the way up until she meets him again and he becomes her forever. DJ which she preferred to be called (how dare she? lmao) goes through many growing pains throughout this read and at times I was reading like:

 Black Woman "girl" GIF

Thank gawd DJ had good girlfriends in her life to let her now when she was tripping...cause...
Again Girl! lols. 

When I said above that this book was more than its erotic parts. I truly enjoyed the growth of DJ on page. I liked seeing her struggle. Lawd give me more messy Black girls and women in stories. We are not perfect, we are AND will fuck up along our journey in life and seeing Damita Jo attempt to navigate her way through the holes in the ground called life, it was good to see. Nicole Falls let us see DJs slip and at time...her drawers, lols and I was okay with that. Now the erotic parts are hot as hell and had me up last night sweating a little bit (still mad at the man above because my forever is taking his gahtdam time...but I digress). Can you Ms. Nicole or one of your author friends conjure me up a fuhever? ...cause...liisttenn, DJ was getting it in and at times I was proud. Let Black women have their pleasure please and thank you. 

Read this book not just for the hawt pantie melting sex but to the see the evolution of the woman Damita Jo Jackson becomes. I think her namesake would be proud. 

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