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Friday, September 11, 2020

IMAGE: Netflix Cover for The Untamed, two men in period Chinese clothing
credit: Netflix

So I found this beauty of a drama (Chinese) while surfing my Netflix feed one night. It started off slow but it gets interesting real quick. 

What's it about: The Untamed is based off a novel called Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi). It tells the story of two cultivators Wei WuXian and Lan Wanji who are caught in a power struggle between clans. Wei WuXian is caught up the most though and there is a plot to get rid of him. His clan and friend Lang Wanji have no choice but to go against him. 

While searching the internet, I found so many synopsis's, my head started to spin lmao. So here are the Netflix TV series and the Goodreads meanings. 

Right, now I'm on episode 29 and there are FIFTY! But at this point, my boo Wei WuXian is in big trouble and the clans have decided to take him out...I am truly upset about this. 

I can't tell you too much because like I said I'm only twenty-nine episodes in but The Untamed is so moving and swoon worthy. Swoon because there is a underlining romance between Wei WuXian and Lan Wanji. 

We aren’t the only ones obsessed with 'The Untamed'. It’s become a global phenomenon. Here's how 'The Untamed' cracked cultural barriers.
*credit: Netflix

There are smoldering looks, teasing, and the such but no grand statements of I Love Yous. It's okay, I know its there and that's all that matters, lols. From my reading, I came to to find out because of China's ban on certain subjects in media, a full fledged romance between Wei Wuxian and Lan Wanji could not be filmed...booo!

There is much going on in The Untamed and like I said, it takes maybe two through four episodes for watchers to get truly invested but I suggest watching all episodes because there is a story behind each one that will lead up to the catalyst this is sure to be epic. But right now, everybody except Wei WuXian is pissing me off. Like I know this is a TV show but why can't anyone see that he is being set tf up?!  

Me while watching:
The Wire Reaction GIF
I really be looking around confused and my own house 😂

Anyolways, if you love sweeping period drama like myself. I think you will love The Untamed. The scenery is breathtaking and so are the characters. Although there are multiple sub plots, they're surrounded around mystery, murder, magic, fight scenes and hilarity from Wei WuXain. Don't forget the romance. Oh and zombies...yeah zombies. 

In short, its a good drama to get caught up in. 

Also, during my search to find out about the original plot, I discovered that there is an anime and a comic. Bye to my weekend, lols. 

Have a good weekend Babes and Happy Reading! or whateva you have planned 😁.

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