Series Review: Nights Like This by Ashley Nicole

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Nights Like This Series by Ashley Nicole book covers against NYC skyline

Hey Babes! I hope your week is going good. Today, I'm talking a whole ass series! I came across Ashley Nicole's Nights Like This series while searching for quick hot reads and it sure enough delivered. These are all novelettes so I'll just give a short sumthing sumthing on what I thought about each book. There are six books so far and the stories covers twelve people who hook up on a night of a really bad thunder storm in their state.


Sign On tells the story between Elsy and North who have cutest work relationship that turns into a hot night of passion. North works in IT and is always helping Elsy with her computer, this starts a easy work friendship between them even though they haven't seen each other faces yet. I loved the easy fun banter between these two and when they decide to take their work relationship past the office, yes ma'am! We all need a work husband like North. 

Quitting Time tells the story between Aleigha and Brett. Ever dreamed your boss took a trip down a flight of stairs? lols. Aleigha can't stand Brett's ass and why did he have to look so damn good too? lmao. Just reading Aleigha being all Ms. Petty towards Brett was hysterical. But when she suddenly quits because she just can't stand his mean ass anymore. Brett shows up to her apartment during the middle of a literal storm and shows Aleigha just how "petty" he can be. Whew! Ever dreamed your boss would blow your back out? I bet you Aleigha is glad she doesn't have to leave her job now, lols. 

Going Down tells the story of Shanti and Tacir. Neighbors. Silently passing one another on some nights as they make their way home. This is probably the most serious book in the series as Shanti is dealing with a parent who has dementia. After a long work night at the hospital and then a incident with her dad, she runs into Tacir...again. With the storm raging outside their building; Shanti finds the rest and relief she's been needed for a while now....thanks to her new neighbors big hands and body. 

No Strings tells the story between Veah and Chanse. Musicians and friends with benefits. The relationship is easy and simple. Because of Chanse's touring schedule, its no hassle for him and Veah to hook up when he's in town. But what if the fwb relationship starts to get shaky because one friend is starting to feel more than what they both promised not to ask for? The night of the storm, Veah and Chanse decide after a very nasty, fiery "I missed you" sex session that their relationship just may be ready for the next level. 

Cancelling Plans tells a story between Tissa and Grey. Childhood friends. 
Tissa just broke with her ex-fiance' and Grey is in town visiting his parents. On the night on the storm, they go where they never thought they would as friends. I would say this was probably the better description of a one-night stand in the series. Both Grey and Tissa aren't looking to continue with a romantic relationship, just one night of intense sexual relief.  

Graveyard Shift tell the story between Nyree and Carson. Doctors who work together but can't stand one another. A past sexual relationship between them didn't quite work out and now these two are walking around the hospital being mister and missus petty boots towards one another. Listen, talk about cackling while reading...these two lols. But anyolways, on the night of the storm both Nyree and Carson reheat an old flame that they thought had long died. But honey, it didn't. That sucka was about to burn the whole hospital down. Lucky, they barely had any patients....


As a whole, I really enjoyed this series. The author did a good job of fleshing out the stories she wanted to tell in each book even with the short amount of pages. And I loved that she had different tropes through-out the series as well; enemies to lovers, one-night hook ups, friends to lovers, work place loving and other things in between, well done. Also, for these stories to resolve around one night of a storm going on around our characters was spectacular. It truly bought out the erotic parts of the stories. Note, some of the stories will cross because the some of the ladies know one another and that was another great aspect of the series I enjoyed as well. I have my favorites but out of the series, I think Graveyard Shift was my top read. If you're looking for and impassioned and lively series to read in-between those long books, then I highly suggest giving Nights Like This a go.

Series Available via Amazon for purchase and through the KU program. 

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