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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Published: September 25, 2020
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
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I really did enjoy this romance. Esme' and Trey are an easy couple to love. 

DL White gives us less drama. Instead she gives us two people whom are nuanced and complex, they have their own set of issues but manage to still make their budding relationship work. Here in The Never List, we have Esme who is about to turn forty and hasn't done much of anything and when I tell ya'll this woman hasn't done much...she hasn't. Trey and her cousin O'neil clowning her were hysterical. Anyolways, Esme after meeting Trey in the most craziest way ends up working with him on a deal he must broker on behalf of his father. These two getting to know one another was touch and go because I was reading they really like each other lols. But while working, Trey decides to help Esme with her never list which is a list of things she hasn't done but with a whole lot of arm yanking from her cousin, she agrees to do. Cue the hilarity ya'll but also the sweetness. 

What I enjoyed most about this story is that despite their separate issues going on around them, the author decided to keep the romance exclusive between our couple. Nothing got in the way of Trey and Esme getting together. The chemistry between them was the perfect amounts of steamy and wittiness. Also, the banter? just read and you'll see. I know we talk about realistic themes in romances but DL White really does have the dime on it. 

The Never List gives readers substantial elements of a contemporary romance read while staying focused on its romance. Highly recommended read here at Brazen Babe Reviews. I say add it to your reading list asap. 

*CW: conversations referencing mental illness.

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