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Monday, September 7, 2020

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Published: September 1, 2020
West Virginia University Press
Genre: Literary Fiction
Available: BN | Amazon
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Not going to lie, this is probably the only book of short stories I will ever recommend. Let me tell you why. A collection of them usually don't work for me, they don't make any sense all balled up together while leaving the reader confused. At least for me they do. 

BUT Deesha Philyaw pulled up a my face and said girl, I got something for you! Whew.

Women and the Church. The Secret Lives of Church Ladies will give you every piece of what some may love about the Church and what some will heavily dislike about it. Deesha Philyaw covers many conversations that go on in the Black community and the Church is at its center. Poverty, abuse, colorism and infidelity (mainly with the man/or woman that is supposed to not lead the flock astray. 

Every story packs a gut punch and some are more powerful than others but they all hit a spot...a nerve...a memory. Whoa. 
"But maybe you should question the people who taught you this version of God. Because it's not doing you any favors."

"As your body begins to feel like a home, your courage grows. It grows bigger than your mother's chastisement in the parking lot after service the first time you go to church unbound."

"family full of women, and we had to worst time with men. The good men died young, and the terrible ones stayed just long enough to make you wish they would die. God forgive me."
I gobbled this book up in a couple of hours. Its definitely a book to had to your reading shelves. You can also pull it off shelf and ask your visitors...have you read this yet? especially those holier-than-though friends/family members. I will definitely be adding it to my physical library cause I'm that family member that will have folk clearing the room and maybe side eyeing me as well 😂.

*Thank you so much to the publisher for the opportunity to read/review.

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