The Rundown | September 2020

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I seriously needed to bring my monthly wrap-ups back to the blog. we go. 

Bookish Content:

It was a pretty decent month. I did however feel like my reading mojo was ready to jump out of the window. I realized that books long in length just aren't holding my attention like they use too. To be honest, some stories (imo) are just repetitive as hell the longer the story is. I always feel like "didn't I just read that?" while scrolling back... it's quite exhausting. This is where novella's and novelette stories have shined a bright light.  They have really been a life saver lately and then with the world burning all around us...yeah, thank good gravy for shorter stories. There are only a few authors that can keep me interested with longer stories and I'm just going to stick with them. Below are the books I read in September. My top read this month is The Never List by DL White with Ashley Nicole's Nights Like This series coming in second. 

via my TikTok page. *all books are copyrighted to their respective owners. 


Tarot and Journaling Content:

I bought two new tarot decks and a oracle card deck. The Tarot Black and Gold edition, you can find the video HERE. The oracle deck will be a October unboxing and the other tarot deck will probably be an November unboxing because I found an tarot deck based on The Nightmare Before Christmas and I had to get it! So yup, there will be two unboxings in October. 
As far as journaling, I need to get better. But I swear, the more I think about writing down my head hurts, lols. This current atmosphere is filled with toxicity, I just can't. So what I want to do and plan on doing is more creative jounaling. Just pictures, washi tape and doll stickers. Hopefully, I'll have my first post up the first to second week of October. 


Personal and SM (social media) Content:

What a gahtdamn year! 2020 is officially the year of WITEF (what in the entire fuck). Drama, a pandemic, dumb shit and a even dumber president. I am tired and all I have to say is if you are one of those people who still are saying "they are both the same", then I know you just hate BIPOC and poor people. You're a racist bigot and yeah, you can unfollow me and this blog. 
There will always be drama in the book community, I've come to realize that and I'm just going to sit with my popcorn and watch it and maybe throw in a cent or two...

(Keenan from SNL)
me literally 😂

Folks seem to be more worried about subscriber counts than talking about the actual books they claim they started whatever platform their on and I'm like...okay. Do I sound like a bitter becky? maybe but I'm just calling what I see. The performances on sm has gotten pass the point of ridiculousness. Folks went from talking about safe spaces for Black creatives to dancing for books...chile, the mess of it all. But at the end of it all, it is what it is and people have short memories even the folk that are being constantly told they need to do better. It's exhausting af. Hopefully, 2021 will be better. If not, queue the popcorn. 

The Rundown:

In short, 2020 has got to go. I try not to get to personal and tell all my business on sm. Life has been rough and at my big ol age, I find myself learning how to adjust to certain things around me. But my prayer is that the rest of the year be prosperous and abundantly fulfilling not just for myself but also for you and your family. Stay safe, keep washing your hands and for the loving of gawd, where a mask. 

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