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Friday, October 30, 2020

Hey Babes and Happy Friday!  One more day until Halloween! 

Are you still excited like ol girl jamming above? lols. Let's get to these books....


The Wrong Wicker by Ashley Nicole: Say you’re living in what you think is now a haunted house...because your Aunt whom you didn’t particularly get along with told she was going to haunt your ass once she was dead. This is what is going on with Evie, she’s new in town and living in the house her Aunt used to live in. Evie isn’t sleeping well because of the groans and creaks that’s going on recently in her home, then her other Aunt has the nerve to set her up on a blind date. So to get out of the house and maybe relax a little bit, Evie sets out to the town's adult Halloween party. There she meets a man whom she wasn’t set up with but instantly wanted to get to know better because he was fine! Lols. He also happens to be her blind date's cousin. Kaseem ends up saving her from his disgustedly bad breath cousin Elvin but can he save her from her ghost aunt? 

Ah, this was a good one. I enjoyed the blend of humor and spookiness along with a bit of sexy times between Evie and Kaseem. Ashley Nicole did a great job here. Evie has more problems on her hands beside a dead aunt but a crazy stalking ex as well. And that ending? Whoa! Did not see that coming...

Maybe her aunt isn’t quite as dead as they thought she was….


The Stroke of Midnight by Diana W: Imani is still grieving the loss of her husband. Moving to a new town, Sapphire Springs from Louisiana is supposed to be a start to something new. But she still can’t let the grief go or Sheldon. Her best friend Tiffany who is visiting plans to lift her girl spirits and get her some “booty” whether she wants it or not. In comes Hakeem, Imani’s contractor…

But after a visit with Mama Jean, Imani experiences a Halloween night like she’s never had before. 

Oh, this was so good. I really loved the whole “Ghost” theme. Diana W. did a good job of blending Iman’s grief and new found romance into the story. Nothing was over or under done, it was all sweet with a little bit of nostalgia. Imani gets the closure and future she deserves. I definitely will have to check out more of this author's works. 

PS: What really is going on between Tiffany and halitosis breath Elvin...huh? LMAO. Oh, I do hope we get a story about it. 


Halloween Spice by Turtleberrry: This story didn’t do much for me. I understood that Ebony was feeling the pressures of motherhood and longed for the time when she and Max, her husband, had their alone time… like before the kids. So after much coaxing from damn near everybody in the book, she decides to go to the town's yearly Halloween party. There, she gets a surprise she sorely needs. Max shows up to remind his wife that he loves and appreciates her. He travels a lot for work.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, this story dragged and Ebony’s character didn’t help with the pacing. This woman was such a debbie downer...her sighing all throughout the book was not entertaining at all. By the time we got where her and Max had their sexy Halloween night, I didn't care much anymore. Look, trust me I understand that being a mom to a barrage of kids is stressful as hell but I felt like while reading, this lady didn’t like her kids...sure loved them but she ain’t like them, idk maybe I read too much into it…

Lastly, where was the spooky theme here? Halloween Spice was so out of place in the series. 


Eerie Obsession by T. Key: Summer is another new resident of Sapphire Springs and a recent divorcee’. She’s currently getting her jewelry business off the ground and renting from her sexy landlord Jonathan. There is an instant attraction between Summer and her landlord but is he stalking her? Because every time, she thinks of him….he’s suddenly there. 

I liked the idea of where this story was going but in my imo, the whole stalker vibe was good at the beginning but the author failed to deliver by the end of this book. The build up of the stalking story was intense but also moved too quickly as much of this story did. In truth, there was no chemistry at all between Summer and Jonathan on page and I feel like maybe they needed more time together.


Brewing Storm by D. Rose: After the death of her beloved grandmother, Seniyah Reid has decided she needs a new outlook on life, so she moves to Sapphire Springs. After getting settled, she notices there is an attraction between herself and her neighbor Blaine. Initially, she isn’t sure how to react to it because he is a dad and it seems like he and his child's mother are still together. How wrong can Seniyah be though... 
They both decide to make their move on each other at the town's annual Halloween party. Idk, Brewing Storm moved quickly for me as well and I felt like we really didn’t get a build up of a relationship between Seniyah and Blaine. I truly did not feel a connection between them at all on page. Loved the mention of Blaine being a single dad that was very involved in his young daughters life and had a great co-parenting relationship with his child’s mother but this story just didn’t work for me either. Also, this is another story in the series that didn’t give us a spooky paranormal vibe so it also felt out of place.


As a whole, I thought the series itself was cohesive being that the authors involved in this project decided to come together and write about different folks in this little town of Sapphire Springs. Also to center everyone having their "time" with each other on the night of the town's Halloween party was a great idea. You can tell that these authors got together and talked about how this series was going to go. The mentions of the character Elvin and his bad ass little nephew throughout the different books was hysterical. I do wish some of the stories kept up with the spooky Halloween vibe, but from reading...I get the idea that the authors wanted to keep the page count to a minimum with each book. I think this is why some of the stories even with epilogues felt rushed.

There were some editing issue in the books, nothing as bad but things that should have been caught before the books were released. And I didn't like the way Mama Jean's character was written in the series. To make this older lady with a gift so rude was unnecessary. Also, I felt like at times that craft of witchcraft and persons with gifts wasn't respected and taken serious. Idk, I may be reading too much into it though.

But for the most part, I enjoyed the series as a whole. The Wrong Wicker and The Stroke of Midnight were the strongest books in the series...imo. To see my rating for each book, check out my Goodreads read shelf.

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