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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Published: August 19, 2020
Self Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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 Anaya and Marcellus are best friends who have always been in love with one another. Now one of them can no longer hold that love on the back burner and a friendship changes.... or does it? 

For the most part, I really enjoyed Hopelessly Devoted. I liked Anaya and Marcellus as characters even if at times I thought the chemistry between them felt a little forced. I do however, think the author did a really good job of keeping the banter and flow between them easy and light; there wasn't a whole lot of conflict so by the end of the story, you the reader believed that these friends would work as a couple. The only issue that came between them was Anaya thinking that if their romance didn't work out, it would ruin their friendship. It got old real quick when everyone around her kept telling her "she and Marcellus were not her parents".  Also, this couple doesn't do the "do" literally to the end of the book which is fine because I do feel like I got "more" of an story but the heat and sexy scenes read as fade to black moments.

Anaya was a bit of an emotional air head imo but she was funny af, her reaction to Marcellus when he told her how he felt was hysterical. Marcellus was likable as well even though at times I thought he was corny as all hell, lols. He very much loved Anaya, I do think he was too easy with her. Like yeah, she was soft but call her out on her bullshit man. 

The author touches upon other relationships outside of the romance here as well. Anaya has a issue with one of her good girlfriends which I thought she was completely selfish as well but I felt like she still had a bad case of the only child syndrome in her thirties and expected everyone to cater to her and that's not how any of this works. In short, the secondary friendships and characters were a good add on here and didn't overpower the actual story. 

At the end of it all, if you're looking for a quick and less dramatic friends to lovers read; then check out Hopelessly Devoted

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