A Little Bit of Karma by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Published: September 29, 2020

Gallery Books

Series: NA

Format: eBook (NetGalley)

Genre: Adult Fiction

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I’ll admit that this book had its “very” interesting parts. Jay and Shannon LoveJoy are a power couple who are having marriage woes. After finding out that Jay has cheated, Shannon is hurt and wants out. But the couple gets caught up in a game of conspiracy and murder. Seems, an affair won’t be the only thing that sinks this marriage. 

I feel like this story had potential but eventually, that potential went astray. The first half of this book was good...still a bit wonky but good. Readers go through the motions along with the LoveJoys as they try to figure out where their marriage stands. It seemed like we had a clear path until we get to the murder mystery. This second half to the ending had no rhyme or reason, it seemed like the reader was thrown for a loop just as well as the characters. We went from who dunnit, to we know who dunnit, to oh nope not that one to wtaf. The ridiculousness of the kidnapping/murder plot was a mess and then to have this couple turn to sleuths while their marriage was on fire was... a bit much but this author does drama well so if you’re of that sort like I am at times, well...

What grinded my gears in the book was the toxicity of LoveJoy’s marriage. Shannon was hurt by her husband’s cheating as she should have been but her best friend and everyone around her kept telling her to stay even though her husband was a cheating jackass, a dumb one at that. Listen you don’t need bad friends along with a bad mate….get rid of all of them. And then Jay and his double talk was annoying as hell. He took responsibility for his affair but also blamed Shannon, I just...

And lawd, the Christian undertones. Listen, God doesn’t want you staying in a bad relationship running around trying to clear your name because you want a honest marriage….this couple is exactly why shows like SNAPPED are a thing. 

All and all, if chaotic stories and predictable endings are your thing; then A Little Bit of Karma may be your kind of read.

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