His Grumpy Childhood Friend by Jackie Lau

Thursday, November 19, 2020


Published: October 27, 2020

Jackie Lau Books

Series: Cider Bar Sisters #2

Format: eBook (Nook)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Heat: 💥💥💥💥

Okay, I really enjoyed this book. Charlotte and Mike have been added to my top couples list. 

In His Grumpy Childhood Friend, Charlotte and Mike meet again after 20 yrs...of not seeing one another. Charlotte is a grump after my own cold dead heart. After an embarrassing break up with her ex and a five year dry spell, she’s interested in dating again...in comes Mike. See Charlotte doesn’t mind dating, she just doesn’t like people… or outside much. She needs someone who is used to her way of doing things…again in comes Mike. 

She Wanted someone who got her and accepted her caffeine addiction, hatred of humanity, and lack of general good nature.

Mike, who has had a huge crush on Charlotte since they were kids, agrees to be her “practice date”. He would do just about anything to get to be around her again even when his feelings for her go beyond their initial agreement, even when old feelings of not being enough surface. All Mike wants is to be there for Charlotte. He was such a cinnamon roll.

Twenty years had passed since he was last here, but this tree had barely changed. He'd changed, though. 

This was truly a good story. I love that Jackie Lau didn’t give us over the top drama even though both Charlotte and Mike had their issues….Mike more than Charlotte.

Me waiting for the unnecessary mess:

What made this story for me was the easy vibes between our couple. Their banter was so much fun, it's like what dates should be. They were so comfortable with each other without it being all forced and weird. Their transitions from childhood friends, to adults fake dating, to a real couple was done well and with care. It was good to see that the author allowed both characters to sit in their feelings especially Mike. We don't see that much grace in men characters in romance that much, its good to see it when its on page.

All and all, with the backdrop of good food (I probably need to get to Canada again soon), great friends and family, His Grumpy Childhood Friend was a beautiful read and I look forward to reading more of this author's work. 

*cw: traumatic childhood in regards to emotional abuse.

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