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Monday, November 23, 2020


Svaha, The Sixth Finger
2h, 3m
Suspense, Horror

I caught this movie after watching an Christmas holiday movie (don't ask, I'm weird that way at times...). Anyolways, I asked myself if it was going to be horror when it started because it had those kind of vibes but....I kept on watching.

This movie tells the story of religion, cults, good and evil. Twins girls are born, one good the other evil....but there is a twist here. A pastor who is trying to prove that what seems like an religious organization is really a cult uncovers an evil even his skeptical self can't fathom. He slowly finds out that the cult, the twins and a string of young murdered girls are all intertwined.

I finished this movie with my mouth hanging open because I was literally shocked at its ending and that's because I couldn't figure anything out until the end. The different plots going on in Svaha were well done. The twists and turns were...something. The idea that one of the twins was born to defeat the true evil in the story blew me away. I was kind of sad at the ending because damn...really? If I'm being cryptic here, it's done on purpose because I don't want to give away spoilers. Just know that the horror and suspense in this movie are blended maybe too well....

I took Svaha to be more suspenseful but trust me, the scary isn't skimmed on at all. All and all, I thought this was a pretty good movie to watch for a Netflix binge. Now, it is long and that element takes away from some of the movie a bit but I would still recommend it for the horror suspense crowd. 

*cw/tw: violence, gore, suicide.
**Also, this is a subtitled movie (Korean with English subtitles).

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