Discussion: Why the Disrespect?

Friday, December 11, 2020

There was another article of an poser who obviously does not like the romance genre but writes in it. I am not going to link because I just do not want to.

It boggles this readers mind that people constantly disrespect romance but have no problem profiting off it. This lady wrote a whole article pretty much trashing romance but decided to write erotica because: escapism and well profit…because why still write in a genre you dislike or can't relate too if no money is being made?

But we have seen this before, right? Other posers who have been exposed. They have this disdain for the genres authors and its readers. This reader suspects that there are plenty of people within the genre who feel this way but again profit. And...you are not supposed to say it out loud for goodness sake or at least, I do not think you are lols. It is a good thing however that these “reveals” are happening because readers can make informed decisions on where to direct their money. Why am I spending my money on someone who thinks I’m an air head for reading their work?

This is very telling of the people who are exposed as well. Why the disrespect though? What do you gain? Because trust me, once you're found out...it won't be the same ol same ol for you. Why does the pleasure seen within the genre bother folk so much? NO genre in publishing is perfect but it seems the focal point is always on romance books. Why posers? 

I am not here to defend the genre. As a reader, I believe there is still so much work to be done within it. Its writers, readers, and employers prove every day that there is. Its interesting to see however, the constant degradation of the genre. It is disrespectful of the people that have put in the hard work to turn it into a high money-making industry.

I do not expect attitudes to change anytime soon though. There are better, more respectful articles out in the world that center the joys of romance books. I say we put our energy towards those instead. 

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