Journal With Me #9

Monday, December 7, 2020

Hey Babes! 

Welcome to another JWM. This post will be in pictures instead of the usual video. My plan is to do a journal entry everyday in December (can't believe it the last month of the year 😩). I feel like I have to finish out the Journal I have before I do any entries in 2021. I'll also be drawing cards from my tarot/oracle decks for each entry. Anyolways, lets get to this. 


This was a creative entry I had already done but just needed to write in….the writing is blocked out. I didn’t draw a card for this particular entry, I just started writing which I generally have a hard time doing. I’m not sure why. My thoughts have been pretty clear of late so that may explain it...lols. 

For this next entry, I did draw a card, it’s from my Heal Your Damn Self Oracle Deck by Dopeness Divine. Third Eye Chakra is the prompt. This chakra deals with imagination, vision and intuition.

This deck has really cool prompt questions that I can work out while writing and I’m loving it to death. It’s a great way for me to get some serious writing done. As you can see I haven’t written anything yet...but no worries, it's just not shown here, lols. 

I also drew a card for the entry below. It’s a card from a different deck, Rachel True’s Intuitive Tarot. Card drawn, Ten of Swords (reversed).

When I saw this card, I was like uuggghhh lmao. But it’s not as bad as one would think even though there is someone laying on the ground with TEN swords sticking in their back. In the reverse, this card is telling you that have been through it but now is not the time to rest. Keep with your healing process and stay focused on your plans, goals. I had a good time writing this entry, lols.


Fashion Dolls: RedLyrics on Etsy (black & white) | Goldmine & CoCo (jeans)

Washi Tape: Melanin Eclectic (purple) | Walmart (striped)


Okay, that's it. I Hope your week goes well and until the next post...lata days 💜.

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