Off Limits Attraction by Jacyi Lee

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Published: December 1, 2020

Harlequin Desire

Series: The Heirs of Hansol #3

Format: eBook (ARC)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Heat: 💥💥💥

Off Limits Attraction is the third and final book in this series and I am sad but I will say that I enjoyed this story the most. Full disclosure, I didn’t read the second book. 

Jihae Park and Colin Song have a business opportunity that is sure to make them both well known names in the film industry. While both initially go into their venture as a way to propel their prospective companies into the future, Colin does have other plans. You see, Jihae is the daughter of the man who tried to ruin his family and he thinks through her he can find the proof. But...because ya’ll know there is always a but. Colin’s attraction…. Or should we say both his and Jihae’s attraction to one another makes their working together full of tension neither is sure they want to rid themselves of. This doesn’t help Colin’s investigative probe at all.  He thinks she is the enemy but is she? Jihae and Colin decide to move their work relationship to a limited sexual one...because ya’ll know there are always limits. But will Jihae’s cool exterior simmer as she falls for Colin? Will Colin’s duty to the Song family hold strong as he falls for Jihae? 

Listen, talk about slow burn. Jayci Lee had all the bones of a kdrama in Off Limits Attraction and I was here for it.

*Crash Landing Onto You-Netflix

Jihae’s and Colin’s romance was so cute on page. Colin’s care of Jihae was super sexy. He knew a bit of her strict privileged life but out on their “dates”, he sees a warmer Jihae, not the woman her father has a tight hold on. Which is why he got on my nerves through this read with his constant dumb plan, lols. Jihae just wanted to live life outside of her father’s control so when he dispatches her to the US for her next assignment, she jumps at the opportunity. She has limited freedom and she loves it...meeting Colin, she is stunned by his good looks and warm nature. Chile, she falls instantly. 

What made this book for me was the kind of kdrama-ish feel of the story. The emotions between our couple was so palpable on page which made their banter flow well. I loved the stark difference between them even though they were kind of the same, with Jihae growing up in Korea and Colin growing up in the States. I do feel like the story does lose a bit of steam towards the end and there were some loose ends not officially tied up (Jihae’s father's involvement in trying to take down the Song family and what of her relationship with him after her and Colin getting together?....) but I still enjoyed it. I wanted Jihae to be happy. Colin grew on me, lmao. 

If you’re a fan of workplace romances with a bit of kdrama added in the mix, then definitely add this book or maybe the whole series to your reading list. 

Now I'm going to watch another KDrama on Netflix...lata ya'll.

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