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Monday, December 28, 2020

Hey Ya'll, 

I hope the Holiday was good for you and even if you didn't celebrate it, I hope your week went well. Below are a couple more books, I'm adding to my #JingleBooks bingo board. Let's get into this thing, shall we?


Published: December 14, 2020
Self Published
Series: A Very Alpha Christmas #14
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
            Black Romance
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Available: Amazon
                 Kindle Unlimited
Heat: 💦💦💦💦

Maven and Kai get a second chance at love in Rekindled. After breaking some years ago, this couple are secretly hooked back up when they visit their now married friends in Colorado for Christmas. 

Both Maven and Kai had their reasons for the relationship to end, those reasons got in the way of the reasons that they should have fought to stay together. I feel like Maven got caught up in my friend is now married, why am I not. And Kai definitely let his dreams of moving up in the music industry get in the way of his romantic relationship. To me they both sidelined. Thank gawd for good friends. 

Top Hits:

  1. Maven being sexually free in this story. She wouldn’t let anyone slut shame her, she was in them streets and I think women should be celebrated for their sexual escapades as much as men. 

  1. Kai being man enough to listen to his friend telling him that he let his business goals get in the way of his intentions with Maven. Like yes dude, you could have had both at the same damn time. 

For the most part, I enjoyed this read. This story is a good example of how couples even when they think they're communicating really aren't....

I also side-eyed the hell out of Maven at times...girl, the shenanigans in the grocery store, smh. Still, a good story. 

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Published: November 12, 2019

Self Published

Series: Cider Bar Sisters #2

Format: eBook (Kindle)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

  Asian Romance

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Heat: 💦💦💦

Definitely four stars for the writing and the fake dating vibes but…

Let me tell ya’ll how Julie Tan got on my nerves, lols. 

Okay, so Julie is not the favorite daughter or so she thinks….but I got why she thought that way. Anyolways, so her roommate sets her up on a date (like she always does, Julie really needed to start telling this woman no but I digress), she goes on this date and instantly doesn’t like Tom Yueng because he is everything that her parents want her to be AND the kind of guy her parents would definitely want to see her with. So what does miss thing do? Ruin the date on purpose, she didn’t even give the man a chance to fuck up...if he was…

Ya’ll! Julie was doing the absolute most in this books, lols. I wanted to shake her head off her shoulders. Again, I got why she was the way she was but my gawd today. Tom Yeung was too patient with her ass. Like girl, that man was doing you a favor...she stayed putting words in his mouth. He was confused ya’ll so was this reader. She ain’t know that man like that to be doing all that, lols. Her insecurities about her status in her parents life were at ten. 

Thank gawd for Tom, he won me over and he saved this story. Again, his patience with Julie was outstanding but also, he saw the kind of pressure her parents tended to put her under. He wanted her to understand that she didn't need to be parent perfect for him.

Tom’s nerdiness and Julie’s extrovert-ness were the perfect opposites attract and the fake dating set up mixed in with them being at her parents home was cute and hilarious. Chile, them parents, lmao...funny especially the mom. She was a mess. I liked the story, I do feel like Julie overdid it but still a good story. 

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Almost done with bingo...lawd, I hope I finish before the last day of the year....

That cowboy section is a headache though, lols.

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