A Reader's Task | #ReadWhatYouGot

Monday, January 4, 2021

Hey Babes, 

I hope your New Years came in good and you were at peace. 

So! Taima from ShadesnPages and I decided that we needed to do something about all those pesky books just sitting around on our shelves, digital and physical. We came up with #ReadWhatYouGot. This is your opportunity to catch up on that pile of books that have been side-eying the hell out of you. Looking at you like you lost your damn mind because you went and bought another book, you went and requested another ARC. You didn't pick up that book that has been sitting for the last six month, the last year....

We started this on Instagram but you can participate via whatever platform you like. This is a task that we want everyone that can to join in and cure themselves of that over abundance of books. As going into 2021, the only over abundance we want is in the form of money....okay! 

We hope that you join us and use the hashtag #readwhatyougot. We're looking forward to seeing what you're reading. 

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