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Monday, January 18, 2021

To Be Published: January 19, 2021
Series: NA
Format: eBook (ARC)
Genre: Science Fiction\Fantasy
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Fatima who has now renamed herself Sankofa is feared in every town she visits for she is the "adopted daughter of the Angel of death".  When a meteor shower lands in her small town in Africa, Fatima, a curious child by nature, investigates when one of the rocks falls on her family shae tree farm. After touching what is called a "seed", Fatima now has powers she doesn't understand and at the start of this book, she doesn't know how to control. After the lost of her family and the town she lived in, Fatima now Sankofa starts a journey of finding the source of what she feels started her troubles, the seed. It was sold by her family to a crooked politician and an even more crooked thief. This journey takes Sankofa across small villages in Africa where she is feared and celebrated.  But Sankofa who is a child (age 5) when we start this story is literally growing (not much) and learning during her travels. 

This was an interesting story. This author takes African folklore and blends it smoothly with science fiction and current times. Basically, Fatima is radio-active because she has touched the meteor that fell in her family's farm. This would explain the green glow of her skin, why she cannot touch electronic gadgets or cars for that matter. This author also explores the push of American-ism in Remote Control as there is a sinister element of a research company that has some play in the meteor that affected Sankofa's life. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending, it was abrupt imo but maybe because this author is not done with Sankofa's story. Again, when we go into this story, she is five and when it ends, she is fifteen... 

So in Remote Control, we are reading this childs attempt to navigate life while also trying to understand a power she slowly starts to control. 

Again, interesting; I would like to see more of Sankofa's story.

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