Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Welcome to 2021 Babes and my gawd today, what a first nineteen days it as been...well today will make twenty days. Six days in and we had a bunch of terrorists attempt to take over the government with the help of an inept former President.

Listen, I was through...tiredt...burnt tf out. This is the most time I've even watched the damn news in four years. Like the hell. But we're transitioning over to a new President and a new Vice President. I am hopeful but I'm also cautious. As a Black person, I've seen many promises of "unity" and "healing". We will see if it sticks...this go around. 

Anyolways, what does 2021 hold for me personally and this Blog? Girl, I don't even know. I honestly want to test this shit out before I commit to anything, lols. But I have some "goals" I want to aspire to achieve this year. 

Personally. I'm looking to exercise more and by that I mean getting back into my yoga classes. I fell off like a mug in 2020 and I miss it. Especially the HIIT classes. I also want to start a cycling class. Like I want to do that one baaadd, it looks so dang on fun. So we will see...wish me luck in that department. I also need to start investing more in my journal process. I barely wrote in my 2020 one but with all that was going on....

I need to write more this year, not professionally but in the end I think it will help me out more in gathering my words. I have a personal journal, two tarot journals and the one I'll be using for reading is more of a planner but you get the point. I just need to get to it. I think that's it for the personal side...I think, lmao. 
Last thing. School or some type of additional training. I've been thinking of taking up medical billing/coding and I've been looking at schools. It's dauting but I'm pretty excited. 

Blogging and the Sorts. I'm definitely looking to post more to the blog but I'm still going to basically post I as I feel. I don't what to get to the point where blogger burn-out kicks in or reading burn-out for that matter. I still want to mix the blog up a bit with books and other stuff but yeah as far as posting. Three or two times a week and definitely with a week off here and there. As far as the internets, As I said; Twitter is getting less time. I started off wrong, lols. I can never not be nosy onthere but I must and I will. In short, Imma mind my business on conversations that are tiring to keep seeing.  

I've seen many folk talk about their most anticipated books for 2021 and listen, I just want to get through what I have, lols. So, I'm sticking with the #ReadWhatYouGot task while catching up on a few new releases here and there. Taima and I are looking to extend the task too March, so I have some room to finagle. I also am not trying to over-whelm myself. I'm sticking with my Goodreads reading challenge and I'll more than likely use StoryGraph as a back up. My forgetful ass just have to remember to post in both places. We shall see. And I want to invest in borrowing from my local library. They have been so helpful and awesome during this pandemic so I want to return that help to them as much as I can. 

Hmm, what else? 

One Day At a Time. I think with the way 2020 was set up and the way 2021 just rolled up in here, I think it's a good thing for us to be graceful with ourselves and those around us. Running a blog and several other platforms is...a-lot. The constant run to come up with good content is stressful as hell.  And our real lives is always peeking around the corner like "girl, what is you doing?" 
I think we get so caught up in trying to be the best of something or being at the top of something and its exhausting to keep getting caught up in the wheel trap. We loose steam and forget why we're doing what we're doing. So yeah, I think we should all give ourselves grace and patience. We fucking deserve it.

It's not all bad though, lols. Having great reading friends is the best thing that has come out of this blogging experience and I'm entirely grateful I've met and connected with you all. 

I hope your week is going well. I pray you kick whatever or whoever isn't bringing you joy to the curb. I pray 2021 goes well for you and yours.

Blessings ✨

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