Journal With Me #10

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hey Babes!

I hope your week is going well and that your are staying safe. 

Now, I had to start a new journal for the new year even though I had plenty of pages left in my previous one but my slight ocd won't let me write in a 2020 journal for 2021, lols. Nope, lols. So below are my first entries for this year. 

So the journal I used is one I purchased for the ol' Walmart.

It's a lined journal with the months and dates noted at the top of its pages. The cover has this faux leather feel to it, pretty cool. 
The first page, I used my handy dandy poooli printer. It's a thermal printer and you can print out any picture you want with it. Pinterest has been a immense help with this. They only print in black & white though. They do have paper that prints blue and pink. I haven't tried those yet but at some point, I will. For now, this works fine for me. 

The second page, I'm going to use as a kind of border between my actual written pages. I used a stencil from a set I brought from Amazon a couple of years ago. It's a mixture of flowers, letters and some Holiday images. Pretty cool. 


This month, I only written in the journal once. I still have a...week left so I may create another page. But this month my journal word is reflection. I reflected on many things. My social media time, my procrastination in looking for work, my lack of exercising the way I want too. I was able to answer these questions and I know in February, I have to do better in sticking with the goals plans I set for myself in 2021. I will though. I think sitting in this house has given me more rest than I needed, lols. As paranoid as I've been about this pandemic, I do not go anywhere unless I need to but I need to find another outlet...

Anyolways, that's all I have for now. Again; stay safe, wash your hands and for the love of gawd...wear a mask when you're out and about. 

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