What I've Been Watching (1)

Friday, January 29, 2021

Well, outside of this sort of reading slump I've been going through; I've been watching "some" tv. Below are some that lived rent free in my head for one reason or another. 
Oh...and Hey Babes 😁

WW1984. I want to say I really loved this but it was just okay. Long as hell and the villains were terrible. They bought Steve back ya'll! but I'm still questioning why (?). The fight scenes were decent...
At the end of it all, the storyline was lackluster. Give Diana back the love of her life but oh lawd, the world has end. Sorry, not interested. Glad I saw this on HBO Max and didn't pay in theatres because I would have been pissed. 

The Uncanny Counter. Now ya'll know I love my Kdrama's. This one from my read up is based off a webtoon named the same. Basically, you have these group of super humans who find and destroy evil spirits (demon hunters). These humans have the powers from Angels (I think) and they gained when they were on the cusped of death....or in a coma. So Mun becomes the latest member of the group and we watch as he struggles while being a part of the group and deal with bullies in high school. Interesting story plot and the action is fun to watch. This another one of those weekly episodes thingy that Netflix is doing and I'm behind. But If I'm being honest, I'm waiting for them to finish with S1 so I can binge watch, lols. 

Streaming services have me spoiled....

One Night In Miami. Follows the story of four friends. Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke. After Ali's famous fight with Sonny Lister, the four men meet up for what three of think will be quite the after party. But a Malcolm has other plans. This is a fictional story about a night that really happened. I think a Regina King did a excellent job with this screen play and the actors that were bought on to play these historical iconic figures did an amazing job of bringing a fictional conversation to life. But I must admit, the actor who played Malcolm stole this movie from his co-actors. He was electric on scene. Amazing movie and I highly suggest folk watch it. The conversations these men have apply past, present and future.   

Well, I think that's it. I'll try to come back to this and share other shows/tv/movies I've watched. Can't read all the time, lols.

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