Claiming Her Heart by S. Taylor

Friday, February 5, 2021


Published: July 10, 2020
Garden Avenue Press
Series: Undeniable Love #1
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Heat: 💦💦

After the loss of their mother, Alisha (Silver) and her brother James (Fox) deal with their father’s grief in the form of a strenuous rearing. He wants them to be a family of assassins but both Silver and Fox have other plans. 

Claiming Her Heart is Alisha’s (Silver’s) story. Here she meets up again with a man who has always had her heart. Carter. 

In business with her brother, Carter now has the attention of a stalker. With a little provoking from James, Silver is called in to assist as this is her job. Problem is...will old feelings get in the way of her protecting her “client”? 

For the most part I like this story...and listen, I have no problem with insta-love but by 45%-50%, both Silver and Carter were professing that they were in love with the other AND I didn't get it because imo there were no vibes between them. Their interactions up until these specific points in the story weren't enough for ME to believe their feelings ran that deep enough to be claiming love...and yeah, they had history from college but still….

The suspense portions of the story although its best parts were easy to figure out (I’m not mad at it) but if I’m being honest, they're the only reasons I kept reading. I liked Silver and Carter individually as characters and there is enough action, intrigue and good writing to keep a reader invested; however their romance was lackluster and for that, I’m a bit disappointed. 

I’ll continue with this series as Claiming Her Heart may suffer from the first book in a series blues. I’d also like to see what this author has in store for James (Fox). 

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