Maybe Next Time by Christina C. Jones

Monday, February 1, 2021


Published: 1/29/2021
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Series: Vegas Nights #1
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Heat: 💦💦💦💦💦

cw: Child loss. 

You might not know this but I am a huge fan of marriage in distress stories. In romance, we tend to get stories where couples are in the throes of getting their relationship started. But with this trope, we dive into married folk who are trying/struggling to save their marriage. I love to see where authors take me with this trope. I’m an emotional vampire, so this trope feeds me. Lols. 

In Maybe Next Time, we have Denver and Kensa Benoit whose marriage is about blown to bits. After a devastating loss, the communication between them wasn’t in the basement chile, it was in hell. 

But Denver was not the kind of man to easily let go of...anything especially his marriage and Kensa finds herself fighting her husband in ways she never thought. Ol girl thought it was going to be easy to walk away. Denver was like nope!

Right off the back, I’m telling ya’ll I was here for Denver and his bullshit, I really was..lols. He was all up in Kensa face about her wanting to let their marriage go. That man fought, hear me? And this is the aspect I appreciated. I love that in the romance genre, we are getting more stories of men (especially Black men) fighting for their relationships. I feel like there is a lack of good Black men in love stories (especially in love stories with Black women). Soft and kind Black men. Fight me? But the truth is the truth. Christina C. Jones is an author who gives me these beautiful complex men. 

Anyolways, sure Denver is rough around the edges but the man loves his wife and he was willing to do anything to keep his marriage intact. Honey, when he showed up at Kensa's business. It reminding me of a popular Tiktok:

And I couldn’t even be mad at Kensa, because when you’re operating from a place of hurt; many folk are going to catch that spray of bullets. Ya’ll, Denver kept getting sprayed. That man kept trying to duck and dive but he got hit on more than one occasion. 

Maybe Next Time begs the scenario of what would you be willing to do to save your marriage? Would you be willing to put ego aside and admit your part in the demise of your relationship? This is where Kensa and Denver are at. What road do they take at the fork? 

This is a well done story built around the tumultuous emotions of two people hurting. This author does a good job of getting them to where they need to be; individually and with their marriage. I was here for it.

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