On Pointe by Shelly Ellis

Friday, February 19, 2021


Published: July 16, 2018
Self Published
Series: MacLaine Girls #1
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
            Black Romance
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Heat: 💦💦💦
cw: cheating, cancer mention

Bina MacLaine is a bit stressed. Head of her mother’s dance academy, she takes on many roles. But the academy is in dire financial need and her mother isn’t listening to Bina’s pleas that maybe they need to sell. She isn’t truly over catching her now ex-fiancé in bed with his secretary or whatever she was. Bina needs a release and it comes in the form of one of her former students, Maurice Hewitt…. But Maurice has his own demons to deal with and it’s not stopping him however from wanting to get with the woman who started his attraction towards older women. 

For the most part, I liked this book. Bina’s resistance to her instant attraction towards a former student was a bit much at times but I understood. Like the man was twelve sixteen I believe when he started the academy so trust I got when she was like “oh no baby what is you doing?” towards herself, lols. It cracked me up when her friend was like if you don’t let that man sniff your drawers, lmao. Like he grown, you grown just relax and let it happen. And as I said, Maurice had his own issues. Returning home wasn’t just to do a favor for the dance academy that saved him growing up. Another older woman played with his heart and he needs time to clear his head. I felt like he held some of that resentment from his previous relationship towards Bina. I mean I was rooting for Maurice to be okay and he didn’t deserve the shit ol girl was throwing his way but I ain’t going to lie. Lissette treating him like how some of these men treat women…*Kanye shrug*. But in all seriousness, Lissette was an asshole so I’m glad somebody cussed her ass out in this story.

The other thing that bothered me here was Bina’s mom being sick. It got lost in all the unnecessary drama between Bina and Maurice. I do wish we got more of her moms treatments. And the ending felt rushed. But all and all, On Pointe was a cute little age gap romance. I’m not mad at it. 

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