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Friday, March 19, 2021


Published: January 14, 2021
Self Published
Series: NA
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Romance, Women's Fiction
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Hey Hey Babes, todays bookish thoughts will be a follow up to Genesis Woods With the interludes, we are catching up with sisters; Zaporah, Charity, Serenity, Patience, and Joyful. The ladies are in their sister circle again, this time they're letting us know how their relationships are going after their hook ups on the infamous website of beautiful dicks, lols.

All of the sisters seem to be happy with their men but Joyful, smh. We will get to her but let's get into these thoughts shall we? It will be the same as before. I will break down each of the sisters tales by the name of their now partners. Leggo!

Now, this break down will be a little different because of Joyful's situation. We still get nasty sex because *scoffs* why not? We still get Z and Pat about to fight because that's just how they do, lols. So anyolway's, the sister meet up again, this time at a fancy spa and the shenanigans began. 

Hurrikane Chris (Joyful): First of all, Ms. Woods...why is this section still named after Chris when his ass is literally a afterthought? Ma'am? *huffs* So...Joyful's follow up starts off happy. She and Kane are still getting it in. He giving her good head and good dick but smh, Joyful is still a little gun shy also they haven't really explored what this relationship is. So when Kane asks Joyful to move to another part of the States with him, she is caught all the way off guard. Bottom line, I was a little pissed at Ms. Joyful. I got her having reservations because they ain't really know each that long but Kane was into the relationship but communication is a drug some folks seem to avoid as well. I wanted Joyful to get out of her head, take a damn chance. I get it she was scared but you gonna loose a good man over fear? Sometimes you just got to take a leap of faith. Did Joyful?...

Dickem Down Dom (Zaporah): Babee! Dom is showing Zaporah all the goodness. With his money and his dick, lols. But for real, Dom and Z are moving along good. Chile and according to her ex-husband Mr. Dalvin, maybe to well. See, Mr. Dalvin didn't have any problems with Zaporah being alone...mad at him...because he left her for another man. But oh no, how dare she be happy with someone else? and then that man is treating his son well too. Oh no. Listen Mr. Dalvin was on the bs in this here book, okay? Talking about some he made a mistake. Sir, if you don't get your ass away from me with all that! I frankly believe he also had a problem with Z being dicked down by the man who owned the company he worked at, this sucka. Anyolway's Dom wasn't a fan, he was pissed when Mr. Dalvin was trying to do whateva the hell he was tryna to do and let it be known that Zaporah is his and he won't be with the shit but he is with the shits if Mr. Dalvin kept it up. Now, Dom for all this good money and dick did mess up here as well IMO. Like you mad that this lady because she not accepting your proposals but I'm like Z. Sir, we f**king all up in the house, in the car...erewhere and you asking me during AND after we f**king! How am I supposed to know you serious? I mean don't act like a confidant man then try to get in my ass because I'm trying to make sense out of shit. But Z and Dom get it together. I wasn't a fan  of how Mr. Dalvin's bs was glossed over but we had others sister to talk about so let's get to them. 

LongStrokeLing_69 (Patience): Lincoln and Pat are doing good as well. Remember Pat got pregnant in their last story so she all happy and glowing...eating up ere gahtdamn thing (according to her sisters, not me lmao). Pat gets to meet Lincoln's family in the interludes and ya'll! what a damn mess. Well! We come to find out that Lincoln has a "sister", a god sister that his parents help raise somewhat. Well, ya'll know how that goes. Ol girl got the feels for Lincoln but he ain't trying to be with her like that. The message isn't getting to its receiver. So when he shows up with Patience....
For the most part, his family is accepting of Pat and from my thoughts from the other book. Pat has some self confidence issues because her oldest daughter's father is a asshole but she doing better. It was the "sister" who was acting a whole ass fool. Pat, pregnant and all let girly know she was with the shits even while carrying but she didn't have to do too much because Lincoln let girly know that he and Patience are a thing, a couple, they gonna jump the broom...all that. In short, they put her ass out the house and continued with the festivities as best they could. Lincoln and Pat had they're issue but again they are good. I like Lincoln for Pat. 

*Side Bar: Now after Pat tells her story to the sisters. Zaporah got out of pocket with the mouth and Pat got out of pocket with the hands, lols. Chillay! I was like:

Literally, lols. But, I was side-eyeing them sisters because like why ya'll talking about Pat behind her back? Like go to her and air your grievances out about whatever issues ya'll had about Lincoln. AND why ya'll holding her past over a head like some damn light bulb. I didn't like that at all. That shit was shady imo and I was with Pat for being mad. Like that was some bs. I really felt like them sisters just couldn't believe Pat found happiness because she was a stripper and had issues with her baby daddy, like wtf. But the sisters move on. Let's move on to the others because I done messed around and got mad, lmao. 

Pastah_Beatitup (Charity): Well ya'll. I-
Look, I'm going to put it like this. I like Charity, she's the sister thats always trying to calm them other heffas down. I like Herman, her pastor husband who has learned to fuck her the right way because that lady was suffering. Herman only knew missionary and look sir: just no. IMO, I just felt like their story got too preachy at times. I'm like look, I know ya'll love God, I do too but I'm not here for that right now! And then Charity sitting up in the spa judging Pat because she doesn't subscribe to manufactured religion...the church. But her and her husband f**king on holy ground....girl bye! 
I'm happy Charity's marriage is no longer in distress and her and pastor happy in all aspects of their marriage but uhm, yeah. This one didn't hit me like their first story. 

Nasty Nate (Serenity): For me, their story was the least drama filled but Nate and Ren? They just happily still fucking erewhere too, lols. But here, Serenity finds out that Nate has other desires. Like, he loves voyeurism so Serenity finds herself along with readers in a swingers club. She had reservations at first but Ms. Ren now? loves the long buried freak that Nate has bought out. They good, lols. 

I really did enjoy the Interludes. I like that we got a follow up to the sisters but I will say I was a tad disappointed that we didn't get a completion of Joyful and Kane's story. I'm guessing as a reader that even with their "hiccup", they got their HEA. I wanted more but I'm not mad at it. Genesis Woods, this was another knock out for me. I enjoyed the Sister Circle, their men and especially the freaky nasty sex. This blog recommends ya'll read these books. And she has more stories in the world. I'm here for it all. 

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