The Rundown | February 2021

Monday, March 1, 2021

Hey Babes! Happy March ✨. 

I do hope it's better than last month because February was a big ol nope! 

The month was draining af because almost everybody was like "how can I show my ass this month?"...during BHM at that. Chile...

Anyolways, I didn't get much reading done and my arcs? they suffered greatly. But below are the books I was able to push through:

My favorite book from the month were between two: The Cask by Danielle Allen and by Genesis Woods

There was some books I just rated because yeah, I didn't feel like writing lols. But as always, you can see my ratings and reviews via Goodreads

I didn't journal that much either. Only like a couple of pages were done (nothing really to show there, lols). But I did get a Tarot Journal...I'm really excited to have it in hand. 

I got this beauty from Alter Planning Co, they collaborated with one of my favorite spiritual persons Tatianna Tarot and created this fabulous journal. So much can be done within it, it's pretty cool. 

I didn't watch much but is it me or does there seem to be a lack of decent shows on these streaming platforms. I got HBO Max and I swear, I only watched one damn thing on there and now I'm like should I cancel? I think I'm going to cancel. Below is what I was able to find interest in: 

Not much but some good shows. I'm still searching for work so wish me luck on that front. Something will come through, it can be mentally exhausting searching though.

Oh, we created a WEBSITE for the podcast (still working out some kinks) but right now, its pretty much a homepage and the list of books that we've talked about in our shows. It's via WordPress because there, you're able to do much more like add a product page and the rest. So give us a follow to get notified when new episodes are live and keep an eye out as we add new features. 

That's about it. I hope your March is all bright and green but mainly as stress free as it can get. Right now, I'm batting at one. 

How about you? How is 2021 treating you so far. Remember, there is still a "paranamra" out there. So stay safe! 

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