A New Foundation by Rochelle Alers

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Published: March 30, 2021
Harlequin Special Edition
Series: Bainbridge #1
Format: eGalley (NetGalley)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Heat: 💦💦

For me, this book had so much potential but failed to meet the mark. 

Taylor and Sonja meet each other through Taylor's sister. He needs someone to work on the pieces that are in an old mansion he and his siblings have inherited from their adoptive mother. Sonja fits the job as she works in a art gallery as an art historian. 

The attraction is instant but both Sonja and Taylor have some reservations. Mainly Sonja as she has left an abusive marriage and have trust issues like no one's business. 

What worked for me was the closeness of both characters to their families. I liked the mention of Taylor and his siblings relationship with each other and their adoptive parents. This series is definitely going to be set up as a multi-cultural romance one. The romance between our couple is sweet and for the most part, not filled with a whole lot of drama. Also, the moments of historical detail were interesting as well. 

What didn't work for me in this book is the constant long as heck dialogues. So, while I'm a fan of authors not leaving out important details; I just feel like some conversations in the book could have been left in the drafts. Like did we really need to know how Taylor's parents meet in extensive detail? For me? No. There was a lot of over sharing in this first book which led it being long and honestly repetitive. Sonja's constant reminder to readers about her ex-husband is a prime example of the receptiveness.  So while I found Taylor and Sonja's romance sweet. It also at times read as monotonous and I feel like the constant dialogues overshadowed their romance. And finally, that third act break was so unnecessary or it was more on the lines of "ain't make no sense". For Taylor to be that jealous out of nowhere to assume that Sonja cheated on him was to the point of ridiculousness and like from a hug?... Come on son....

I'm a little mad at this book ya'll, lols. But Rochelle Alers works always read as inspirational to me and how mad can I be at that? I'm still mad, lols. 
Listen, if you're a fan of contemporary romances with a bit of history thrown in the loop, then A New Foundation works. 

**Update: I feel like this book is more multi-cultural than a Black romance as Sonja is Afro-Latina. Its not noted in the blurb and Sonja's Puerto Rican family is a big influence in her life. It definitely should be noted in the blurb if a character is biracial and it affects the storyline. 

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