I Deleted My Goodreads Account

Monday, April 19, 2021

As the title stated, I deleted my Goodreads account. I'm over that site and all the bullshit that goes\comes with it. And no, this has nothing to do with the latest author who has decided that regular degular people who will more than likely spend their hard earned money on her book isn't worth a damn. Someone rated this ladies book four stars and she decided to shit herself stupid. Ya'll can go on Twitter for the latest dumb gymnastics because I refuse to give that idiot space. If you follow any bloggers/readers, then yeah....you'll see it.

Some of these authors are becoming the worst people on the planet and chile don't let them be popular or have a blue check...gawd forgive us all. 

For me, I feel like authors have encroached on reader spaces and to be fair, some of us have allowed them too. Some of us have become friends, fans and lawd, stans and the area is no longer gray. It's ugly ya'll.

Space for readers are becoming limited and no-where feels safe. Especially in this age of social media. Do you know some of these authors have gotten big off of doxing and harassing readers? Over a book, a product? Readers have lives outside of their love of books they share on social media but as soon as they don't like a thing, it's a problem. I was around when readers lives were threatened on Goodreads, when they were stalked, when big name authors like Anne Rice (yeah that chick) encouraged other authors and her huge following to dox readers. It's a reason why I left a lot of Facebooks groups as well. The down right disrespect that goes on is ridiculous. I was there when a author assaulted a reader over a review. I know some of these authors are capable of evil but will play nice in others faces who don't know their past. They will sic their fans/stans on people and look away. Say they have no control but they do. They revel in that shit. Nerds and Nobody's who now have a certain power. 

Authors need to realize that it is definitely some of their co-wokers who have exhausted the fuck out of bloggers/readers. Don't be out here asking readers to rate/review books or even fucking buy them when your co-workers are out here harassing people! AND nothing is being done to call these people to the carpet. Matter fact, some be with the shenanigans. 

Who suffers from that shit? Hmmm? 

Goodreads will get to the point where readers are no longer safe in their space. Because the more these popular blue check people inhabit certain spaces, it will not be a place where people with small followings can protect themselves. AND many people know this AND they don't care. It's all about power and control for them. They can give a shit that some random fan is sending someone they don't even care about death threats. Rape threats. Threats of loosing their job. OVER a fucking book! They don't care about any of that shit and the latest offender is prime example. 

I'm not calling for anyone to do what I've done. We're all grown and you can do what you please. I've gotten unfollowed, blocked and muted because I one starred a book. And honestly, I don't care. They don't pay my bills, I don't pay theirs. And folk are entitled to feel a way about their shit just as I am entitled to rate/review a product AFTER I read it (and no. we are not going to get into ARCs as it has nothing to do with people being harassed and stalked). 

I don't know how Goodreads is going to handle this latest bullshit. They'll probably ignore it but I know if they don't, it won't be readers who will come out okay. More power will go to the privileged. The people with access. 

I've been curated my spaces. Ya'll love to say that shit but only for the people that offend your sensibilities, lols. Goodreads has become just another space not worth imo keeping. And sooner than later, it will protect its authors....not its readers. 

Contrary to belief, I am capable of keeping lists and it would be no problem for me to keep track of what I've read for the month...trust, its getting lower and lower. A lot of these authors are making it easy...

I hope readers are able to get back to a place where they can talk about books and not be harassed about whether they didn't like a book or not. I hope readers get back to a space where they can talk about they favorite OR not so favorite books without being attacked. I hope readers and their favs are able to coexist in the community but I also don't think it's possible any longer. I hope for a lot of things. I don't know if these things will come into fruition. But for me, I will continue to talk books over here at the blog and the podcast. Ya'll can have that other shit. 

Everyday the book community strives to prove its different. It's better and "not like the other girls", that it's inclusive and then, here comes one of its own to prove it isn't. 


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