Key To Your Heart by Necole Ryse

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Published: February 29, 2021
Self Published
Series: NA
Format: eBook (Kindle)
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
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Heat: NA

This book was good as hell...imo, lols. Think a Flavor of Love style dating show but someone actually kills the man the ladies are vying to get hitched with. No rose is being given here, only death. 

Pierre "Key" Hart is the King of RnB but his reign ends while on his latest  venture, a dating show. There are only four women left on the island during his demise, which one decided to bring the king down...literally? Tensions fly and so do fists as the four remaining try to figure out who did it. 

Man, let me tell ya'll. When a book has you up into four am, it was worth the crunchy eyes and cotton ball mouth. The author did a excellent job of keeping readers investing in this whodunit. Going into this story, readers find out the king isn't as gracious as he appears to be and someone return his favors to him. What works for Key To Your Heart are the four remaining women. You're never quite sure about any of them honestly, especially Shaun crazy ass. For real, her family had her out in the world acting AND looking all kinds of foolish. I kept saying through this whole read, "this bish is crazy" lmao because she was. But honestly, they all were unique characters and the author does a good job of given us background on them as much as she could (this is a novella) without having readers immediately jump to figure out who the killer is. All except one we don't really know anything about but once you get to end, you'll understood why. 

Key To Your Heart is grand because of the damn shenanigans and the zingers in this story? Ya'll:

LMAO! When I tell ya'll I hollered when I read this. This is why I love Black authors, just giving us authentic ass Black people. 

Also, the author drops some pretty good gems here as well so pay attention while reading. Highly recommended read here at Brazen Babe Reviews. 


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