Romances with Law Enforcement Officers

Monday, April 12, 2021

 Hey Babes! 

I'm back with another list of books of a trope and/or subgenre that I like (if done right) a lot in the romance genre. Romances with cops. Now only if these cops irl were like some of the heroes in our books...but anyolways, let's get on to this.

All books with leo's doesn't necessarily have to be romance suspense. It could just be a story where it's the job of one of the main protagonists. 

*book covers are copyrighted to their respective owners

The Books:

I've read about four books out from the list and enjoyed them all. Side note, Tasha L. Harrison's book is part of a two book series, the second one The Way Things Are is from Levi's pov. Shout out to the folks who rec'd books on Twitter, appreciate ya'll. 

What about you? enjoy a good suspenseful romance? or does it have to even one? comment below. 

Have a good week babes and Happy reading! 

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