When Tara Met Farah by Tara Pammi

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Published: January 26, 2021
Self Published
Series: Bollywood Dance n Drama Society #1
Format: eBook (NOOK)
Genre: Contemporary F/Bi-F Romance
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Heat: 💦💦💦💦

cw: death of family members.

For the most part, I enjoyed Tara and Farah on page although Tara worked my nerves...a lot but I had to remind myself that she was nineteen years old so she was still in that emotional phase between teenager and adult. 

Tara is having a difficult time attempting to get out of high school. Her friends have graduated and are off to their perspective schools and she...well, being that she doesn't like math and math certainly hasn't returned the favor, Tara has to past this test to graduate. Girl, I feel you and because I'm the same way with math...it could definitely walk off a cliff lols. But she's living in her parents basement, a bit depressed because of this math situation which she feels like she's a failure in life at because her parents are math geniuses. Also, Tara has come out to her family and even though her parents accepts her fully, some of her other family doesn't. 

In comes Farah who is in the States as a guest in Tara's parents home. She is one of the many students that either visits or stays with the family while they're in school or working for Tara's mom. Farah is also on the run from her home country. She lost her mother. She's still grieving and is trying to figure out how to move through life without her. 

I've seen a lot of folk say this is a grumpy sunshine/romance but ask this reader and I'll tell you that this is definitely grumpy/grumpy lols. Both Tara and Farah were equally grumps during this read for me even though I feel like Tara came off a bit immature, again I'm going to rack this up to her being nineteen. I liked the parallel issues they shared as Tara also lost her grandmother whom she was very close with. They both were close with their moms but also at the phase where the parent/child relationship was strained. Also both Tara and Farah are at a crossroads in their lives at this moment that they meet and fall in love. Both ladies have to figure out how to move past the blocks in their way. 

Outside of Tara acting like a complete brat at times during this read, the other issue I side-eyed was the situation when Tara's mom found out she and Farah liked each other, like it came out of nowhere. Yes, it was good that her mom was accepting but it just felt like it was roughly thrown into the story. It was so unlike Farah's character and I was sitting here reading like "uuhhh". 

The secondary characters were a joy to read, especially Tara's parents and being that this is a series; we meet the other members of Tara's dance club. The scene where Tara was giving Farah background on all the members? Chile, talk about juicy....
I thought the ending was cute but I'm a little upset that we didn't get a life update about Farah's return home to India but all and all, this is a good read. 

**Thank you the author for the opportunity to read. 
     And Nick for putting this book on my radar. 

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