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Hey Babes!

*We are currently accepting a LIMITED amount of book review requests. 

First, note that books that I am approved for through NetGalley and Edelweiss will be read/reviewed first. I will then read/review any requests I approve via email. 

Brazen Babe Reviews blog reviews books that are written by black authors and authors of color.
Note that the story MUST center black people-person and/or person-people of color.
The main characters (or one of the main characters) must be black or person of color.

What we review
Works of Fiction: Romance | Mystery/Thriller | Science-fiction | Fantasy | Literary Fiction | Drama | etc, etc. 


What we do NOT review
Works of Non-fiction: Self Help | Anthologies | Biographies/Autobiographies | Cookbooks
Religions books | Poetry | Self Reflection books | etc, etc.

**I'm finding that I'm no longer a fan of "long" books (more than 300-350 pgs). So unfortunately, if you book fits this criteria, I cannot accept the request. 

*Most, mainly all genres/sub-genres will be accepted. Full and Novella length.
*No books containing ANY type of violence will be accepted.
*Our reviews are posted mainly here to the blog and at times Goodreads. I don't generally post to Amazon or other book sites. But if you would like a review posted there, please ask. Do not copy/paste it.
Review link can be (and is encouraged to be) shared.

If you're wondering when the review of your book/product will be posted once accepted???
So uhm, listen. I work full time, I have responsibilities and all that other adultish s**t.
I will say between 2-6 months out and will let you know in my response email. If timing extends longer, a updated email will be sent.

Still would like to submit your book/product? then submit your information via our contact page.

*There will be no posts on the weekends.          

**All images (book covers, etc.) are copyrighted to their respective owners